Volcano Vaporizer Buying Guide

The Volcano Vaporizer represents German engineering at its finest. The Volcano Vaporizer is imported to America from the manufacturer Storz & Bickel

Each and every Volcano Vaporizer is hand crafted in Germany from the finest materials. Boasting a three-year manufacturer's warranty, the Volcano Vaporizer has quickly established itself as the most elite vaporizer on the market today.

The main distinguishing feature of the Volcano Vaporization System is the patented valve balloon. This unique patented Volcano Valve System conveys air, enriched with flavored aromas into a balloon valve system. This means that the vapor can be savored at ease, both comfortably and completely safely.

The Volcano has already gained a reputation among experts as the most technically advanced and professional vaporizer available. Air temperature control of a precision and reliability previously unreachable in practice sets new standards for vaporizers.

Stringent selection of material, impeccable processing and practical in its form, the Volcano combines simplicity of use, a high degree of safety and particularly good efficiency.

4 Different Vaporizer Sets

The Volcano vaporization system consists of two valves, Easy Valve and Solid Valve, plus the two vaporizers, Volcano Digit and Volcano Classic. The valves fit both hot air generators.

What's the difference?

It simply comes down to personal preference, whichever combination you decide on, there is no difference in the effect achieved.

volcano vaporizer digital vs classic

Volcano Vaporizer Digital Features

  • Precise electronic control
  • Extra large, digital LED display with set and actual temperature
  • Vaporization temperature can be set between 40° and 230°C
    (104° and 446°F)
  • Temperature accuracy ± 1,5°C (2,7°F)
  • Display changeover between °Celsius and °Fahrenheit
  • Three year warranty
  • Automatic switch off

Volcano Vaporizer Classic Features

  • Make your own size bag up to 6'
  • Vaporization temperature can be set between 130° and 230°C / 266° and 446°F
  • Robust, completely electromechanical design
  • Three year warranty
  • Temperature accuracy ± 5°C (9°F)

volcano vaporizer easy vs solid valve

Volcano Vaporizer Easy Valve

  • Allows you use to multiple balloons at once
  • Maintenance-free valve balloon
  • Light and robust
  • Easy to use
  • Valve and balloon always attached ready to use
  • Optimum filling chamber diameter
  • Cost-effective valve balloon including mouthpiece enables personal use

Volcano Vaporizer Solid Valve

If you still need help choosing which Volcano is best for you, please feel free to call or contact us today