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Most of our mods fit a 510 thread battery setup, and you can fill our vape tanks with your choice of e-juice. Our products are manufactured by the top brands including Kanger and Innokin, and can be purchased online for discreet home delivery!

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9 Item(s)

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For e-cigarette users looking for more substantial clouds and vapor than disposable pens can deliver, vape tanks and mods represent the new generation of e-cigarette technology. More powerful than the standard e-juice vape pen, vapor tanks are increasing in popularity with enthusiasts thanks to their customizable nature, versatility, and ability to boost your vapor clouds. Vape mods, either mechanical or electronic, are made up of two main parts that are usually sold separately: a mod battery and tank. The specifications and capabilities of batteries and vape tanks are very diverse. If you’re a user who requires more power than a typical e-juice vape can provide, mods and vape tanks offer you a “DIY” vaporizer experience that allows you to fully customize every draw you take.


Vape mods come in two very different varieties: mechanical or electronic. Mechanical mods don’t incorporate any electronics and draw a steady amount of power through a lithium-ion battery housed within the body of the device. Basically, a mech mod is a device that supplies pure battery power to your atomizer. Despite their intimidating look, these are the simplest of all vape mods. Mechanical mods are unregulated, which means there is no restriction on their power output.

Your mechanical mod will contain only a few parts: the housing, battery, and vape tank. The housing of your vape mod can come in either tube or box form, and can be made of different types of materials, including metal and wood. Inside the housing is a battery setup. Mech mods can contain one or several batteries, the type and quantity of which are usually based on the user’s needs and requirements. The last piece of the vape mod puzzle is your tank, which stores your e-juice.

A mechanical vape mod is extremely minimal in functionality. Your mod’s casing houses a battery, which is positioned to connect with both the top (positive) and bottom (negative) caps of your mod. Once the mod is engaged through the push of a button, the bottom cap makes contact with the battery and allows an electrical current to flow into the coil. No circuit boards, no advanced tech, just a singular circuit powered by a battery source.

While mechanical mods can be used with standard vape tanks, those who are searching for more customization and bigger vapor clouds can actually build their own atomizer. Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDA’s) require the user to manually construct their atomizer, this is fairly complicated as it involves wrapping coils around cotton wicking material. Instead of a vape tank RDA’s incorporate a “drip” system, where the e-juice is dripped straight onto the wicks.


Compared to mechanical mods, electronic mods are much more advance. Electronic mods feature internal electronics for the power adjustment of ohms, wattage, and voltage. In addition to giving the user more control over their vape sessions, these mods will usually have LED display screens, as well as beefed up safety features. Your electronic mods voltage will dictate what kind of atomizer or vape tank will be compatible, based on their resistance level. It is important to note that electronic vape mods are mostly for advanced users. Without having a good understanding of proper usage and power specs, electronic mods can be dangerous. Before jumping into the electronic mod pool, make sure to do some research.