Vaporizer Glossary of Terms

If you ever come across a word you don't recognize on our page, our Vaporizer Glossary should have the answer. The VapeWorld Glossary was compiled to give a detailed explanation of common vaporizer terms, parts, and accessories. This ever-expanding resource will be updated over time to maintain relevance as new terms become popular.

Vaporizer Anatomy

  • Atomizer

    The atomizer is a pen vaporizer component which uses the heating element to convert materials into vapor.

  • Cartomizer

    A cartomizer is an all-in-one cartridge system for liquids. Once the wick is no longer working, the entire cartomizer must be replaced.

  • Chamber/Oven

    The chamber or oven is the loading compartment used to hold aromatic materials for use with a vaporizer.

  • Clearomizer

    A clearomizer is comprised of multiple pieces, typically a tank for liquids, the atomizer and a mouthpiece. Once the atomizer no longer works, it can be replaced.

  • Heating Element

    Creates heat by channeling an electric current through a conductive material to create vaporization.

  • Li-Ion Battery

    Lithium-Ion batteries are the primary source of power for most portable vaporizers. These batteries are rechargeable and are often used for their compact size and ability to sustain a charge over time.

  • Vapor Path

    The vapor path is the physical space that vapor will pass through the vaporizer. The elements of the vapor path can have an effect on the quality and aroma of the vapor.

  • Heater Cover

    A heater cover is a component of a whip/wand style vaporizer. The heater cover is a glass attachment which connects the vaporizer heating element to the wand via a Standard or Hands Free connection.

Vaporizer Parts

  • Standard Whip/Wand Kit

    Tubing which connects a vaporizer to a mouthpiece via a Standard Style wand connection. Standard wands require users to hold the wand in place when connecting to the heating element. Allows for user to rotate the wand resulting in more even vaporization. Kit includes a Standard Style Wand, Tubing, and Mouthpiece.

  • Hands Free Whip/Wand Kit

    Tubing which connects a vaporizer to a mouthpiece via a Hands Free Style wand connection. Hands Free wands firmly connect to the heating cover typically through a ground glass connection. This allows for a more convenient vaporization process but requires stirring of aromatic blends for even vaporization. Kit includes a Hands Free Style Wand, Tubing, and Mouthpiece.

  • Spherical Whip/Wand Kit

    Tubing which connects a vaporizer to a mouthpiece via a Standard Style wand connection. Spherical Ground Glass is not Hands Free but does provide a more firm connection while still retaining the ability to rotate the wand as needed. Kit includes a Spherical Ground Glass Style Wand, Tubing, and Mouthpiece.

  • Deluxe Whip/Wand Kit

    A whip kit which comes with a two-piece separable wand allowing for easy cleaning and screen replacement. Two-piece wands come in both Standard and Hands Free connection styles. Kit includes a Standard/Hands Free Style Wand, Tubing, and Mouthpiece.

  • Easy Valve for Volcano

    The Easy Valve system is for use with the Volcano vaporizer to utilize pre-fitted balloons. Balloons and mouthpieces are pre-assembled and easy to replace.

  • Solid Valve for Volcano

    The Solid Valve system is for use with the Volcano Vaporizer to utilize customizable balloon sizing. Assemble mouthpiece and replace balloon material as needed.

  • Balloon/Bag

    A balloon, or bag, is used with forced-air vaporizers such as the Volcano and Extreme Q. Balloon / bags fill with vapor, are detached from the unit, and ready for use,

  • Water Filter

    Water Filters are glass attachments that combine the added benefits of water filtration with vaporizing. Attachments commonly use 14mm and 19mm tools.

Vaporizer Accessories

  • Butane

    Butane is a gas which powers a variety of portable vaporizers. Butane activates vaporization instantly and allows users to operate without a direct power source.

  • Grinder

    Tool used to grind aromatic dry blends. Grinders are an essential part of the vaporization process. Finely ground aromatic blends have more surface area, allowing for increased vapor production. Grinders are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials.

  • 2-Piece Aluminum Grinder

    Simple 2-Piece design for grinding dry aromatic blends.

  • 3-Piece Acrylic Grinder

    Similar to 2-Piece Grinders, but features a built-in storage case.

  • 4-Piece Aluminum Grinder

    Similar to 2-Piece Grinders, but features a mesh screen to catch ground aromatic blends. Fine concentrated powder falls off of the aromatic blends and are sifted through the mesh screen. After many users, powder collects in the bottom of the chamber and is able to be vaporized.

  • 4-Piece Handle Aluminum Grinder

    Similar to regular 4-piece Grinders, but features a mill-style handle at the top for easy operation.

  • 5-Piece Aluminum Grinder

    Similar to 4-Piece Grinders, but features two screens for extra fine powder.

  • 5-Piece Acrylic Grinder

    Similar to 4-Piece Grinders, but features a built-in storage case

Categories of Vaporizers

  • Vaporizer

    A device which uses heat to release therapeutic compounds at a lower temperature than conventional methods.

  • Portable Vaporizer

    A small-form compact vaporizer designed for use on-the-go. Portable vaporizers heat quickly and are powered by lithium ion batteries or butane. Devices are often easy to operate and require little maintenance.

  • Pen Vaporizer

    A cylindrical form portable vaporizer designed for increased portability. Pen vaporizer components consist of a battery, heating element, and mouthpiece.

  • Desktop Vaporizer

    A standard sized vaporizer designed for increased power and vapor production. Desktop vaporizers plug in for power and primarily use whip-style and/or forced-air systems.

  • Analog Vaporizer

    A vaporizer which uses a non-digital analog control to adjust temperature settings based on the positioning of the knob.

  • Digital Vaporizer

    A vaporizer which features a digital display allowing for precision temperature control. Often able to display both Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures.

Vapor Methods

  • Direct Draw

    A method that involves the user drawing manually through a wand or drawstem.

  • Forced-Air Vaporizer

    A vaporizer which utilizes an internal fan for vaporization by forcing warm air around materials. The extracted vapor can then be drawn in via a filled bag or through a whip style attachment.

Vaporizer Terms

  • Vapor

    Vapor is the gaseous form of a substance diffused from a liquid or solid.

  • ABV

    Acronym for Already Been Vaporized. This term refers to aromatic blends which have been used for vaporization. ABV will appear brown in color.

  • Conduction

    A vaporization method achieved through direct contact of aromatic blends with a heating element. Conduction requires more careful monitoring to prevent uneven vaporization.

  • Convection

    A vaporization method achieved through passing hot air through and around aromatic blends. Convection allows for more even and thorough vaporization.

  • Ground Glass

    Ground glass is a type of matte-textured finished glass which creates a firm point of contact between two connecting tools. This enables the use of Hands-Free whip and wand vaporizers.

  • Standard Glass

    Standard glass is a type of finished glass which creates a smooth point of contact between two connecting tools. This enables the use of Standard whip and wand vaporizers.

  • Glass on Glass (GonG)

    Refers to a vaporizer connection between two glass components. A Glass on Glass connection provides a more refined, contaminant-free vaporizer experience.

  • Aromatic Vaporization

    The practice of releasing fragrant aromas from blends and materials.

  • Isopropyl Alcohol

    A colorless liquid chemical solution. Isopropyl alcohol dissolves a wide range of compounds and evaporates quickly making it an ideal cleaning solution for vaporizer parts and accessories.