Vapor Tower Vaporizer


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Vapor Tower

Vapor Tower Vaporizer description

Vapor Tower Vaporizer

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VaporTower – Lifetime Warranty

The VaporTower has a five year warranty, and VaporStore is authorized to handle all warranty requests & service.

Warranty Contact

  • VaporStore
  • vaporstore.com/contactus.php
  • 805-870-0455

The VaporTower Vaporizer carries a lifetime warranty. For any reason should the heater fail to function, VaporStore will repair the vaporizer for FREE.

**VaporStore Lifetime Warranty applies to heater failure only. Glassware and physical damage to box are not covered under warranty.

Vapor Tower Vaporizer Reviews

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Date: 5/4/2014
Durable, affordable, under rated and gets the job done.
by Vapor Tower Fan

It is hard to justify 500-700 dollar purchases. But, comparatively to other vapes on the market, it is more affordable. This one works fine and you get nice vapor. After 2 -3 slow low resistance draws, nice vapor is produced. Like most vaporizers, stirring is performed to increase surface area. I simply felt that this product deserved a review. It has stood the test of time (purchased in 2009; now 2014). Provides nice vapor and can brown or blacken. I can leave it on for weeks at my desired setting for easy and ready access. I have this and the Pax. Got my 2 amigos this for their birthday's in 2009. 1 brother likes it and it is his go to. The other brother doesn't use it and uses the arizer solo (which gets the job done but I don't like the arizer; it has a hard draw, not very portable compared to pax which is truly portable and also requires a hard draw; my brother needed to be more portable and he didn't seem to like the vapor tower; I don't really get why; to each their own). I can't compare to volcano but think this vape works very well and would love to have the vapecritic's spin on this model.

I have left the vapor tower on for weeks at a low setting that gently browns the blends; it has never broken down. So, if it is not turned on and warmed up and you are running out the door you are out of luck. Not this biggest deal in the world; that is the convenience of the Pax. You can adjust the nob to a higher setting and it can espresso roast for a stronger draw. It has a nice [aroma] and is smooth. As anticipated, the best few draws are when the the vaporizer has been freshly loaded. Higher the setting the harsher the draw, obviously. It can take a few minutes to get ready but can be done most efficiently if just turned all the way up and then back to the setting that works best for you. If it was digital that would be a nice upgrade. If you leave it a low setting that gently browns the herb it could take 5-10 minutes to get fully warmed up. Kind of like pre heating an oven. I find 10-11 o'clock the best. 12-1 o'clock is how my other brother likes it; but it does espresso roast the herb.

Also, for 30 bucks there is an "aroma bulb" that turns it into an aromatherapy situation.


Vapor Tower Vaporizer Q&A

Date: 10/27/2014
The reviews for this vapor seam to be positive, for a light [user] is this a good vapor . What is in the box when you ship it?

The Vapor Tower vaporizer comes with the unit itself, silicone whip tubing and a custom blown glass mouthpiece, as well as a stir tool. This unit does have good vapor production!