Vapir One 5.0 Vaporizer Review

The Vapir One 5.0 is one of the top selling vaporizers of all time. It incorporates a budget price with functionality of more expensive vaporizers. Vapir is a corporation established in 1997 and incorporated in 2001 out of California, USA. The first Vapir Digital Air Vaporizer was created in 2002.

Some of the parts in the box of the Vapir One include a Vapir mouthpiece, (2) 15" Vapir Tubes, (2) Vapir Disks and (5) Vapir XL Inflation Balloons.

Durability Claims

The Vapir One 5.0 is manufactured in China so you receive the normal 90 day warranty which is the standard for vaporizers made in Asia. They do offer warranty services in California, USA, so you don’t have to send it to China if something breaks on it. Vapir offers a specialized 3 year warranty for an extra cost but we feel that within the 3 year mark you would want to upgrade to a better tasting/performing vaporizer.

The defect rate on the Vapir One 5.0 is actually very minimal for a vaporizer put together in China. The most common problem is with the heating element. The unit will turn on and display the actual heating element temperature correctly but never increases the temperature. This usually occurs right away so it's within the 90 day warranty period.


The looks of the Vapir One 5.0 are nothing special – no cool LED lights, nothing other than a black plastic vaporizer casing, a handle and a small aluminum plate breaking up the small temperature screen and small black buttons. There is a stand made for it which adds a little design finesse to the vaporizer but it's not comparable to the better looking aluminum ones or something that incorporates colored glass into the look.

The dual functionality of the Vapir One is what really sets it apart at the under $150.00 price range. You can fill up a balloon full of vapor and even cap it for later or use the direct inhalation method with included tube and mouthpiece. The water tool option is a great idea – cool and filter your vapor even more with the addition of water filtration but it really does not work that well to notice a difference. The idea is there just the implementation isn’t.

This can be used as a portable vaporizer – its "portability" is limited to in the car use only but it is a viable option for a road trip or a long drive. The optional car adapter which costs a little less than $30 works well and is at a great price point.


For a vaporizer under $150 you are only going to get so much when it comes to the taste of your vapor. It is a plastic housed vaporizer with the inhalation methods all starting with a tube pushed into the top of the unit trying to extract the vapor. The disk does sit in a ceramic holder but being that the whole unit is made of plastic there is some concern from other users of the vaporizer from inhalation of heated plastic.

Ease of Use

With two different inhalation methods the Vapir offers great functionality for the price and that’s what keeps it at the top of vaporizers selling charts. When it comes to how easy it is to use – an instruction manual is included but really not needed. Simply push the included Vapir tube into the top of the Vapir and either connect a Vapir mouthpiece or Vapir XL Balloon and turn the fan up to Medium or High.

The main problems with the Vapir One is a.) The fan never turns off when the unit is plugged in – not only can it easily waste excess material but it's also on the loud side for forced air vaporizers. B.) The tube you insert at the top will most definitely melt from inserting it too far.

Tips and Tricks

As with all new vaporizers you should always allow a 30 minute break-in period before the first use. Turn the heat all the way up and turn the fan on High. This will burn any excess manufacturer oil or any loose plastic bits inside.

A Vapir One 5.0 specific trick is to remove the tray completely in between vaporizer sessions since the fan is always on while the vaporizer is. This will make sure your material goes further and with minimal waste.