Snoop Dogg BUSH | G Slim Ground Material Vaporizer


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  • For Aromatic Blends
  • Rechargeable
  • On / Off Lock

What's in the Box

  • Snoop Dogg BUSH G Slim
  • Wireless USB Charger
  • G Slim Tool


Snoop Dogg BUSH | G Slim Ground Material Vaporizer

A new line of lightweight technology, the Snoop Dogg | G Slim for ground material combines the luxuries of portability, affordability and high-performance function in one compact apparatus.


Q & A

Date: 7/6/2015
how does it work and can it be used for [dry blends]?

The BUSH G Slim is super easy to use and is made for your dry, aromatic blends. Take the mouthpiece off, fill with your dried blends, and press the button to draw!

Date: 6/30/2015
Can I use [dried material] with this?

Yes! The Snoop BUSH G Pro is made for dry, aromatic blends.

Date: 6/28/2015
What's the set temperature on this model?

The G Slim goes from room temperature to about 400°F in just a few seconds.

Date: 6/27/2015
how do I order heating element for Bush slim?

BUSH series replacement parts will be available soon!

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