Silver Surfer Vaporizer Review

The Silver Surfer is a Standard Whip Style Vaporizer manufactured by 7th Floor.

7th Floor is a company based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado USA and has been making the SSV for over 6 years now. They have an original SSV that stays on all the time and to this day the heating element or circuitry is still working like new – nice to know that there product will last you for years to come. Silver Surfer Vaporizers are all made in Colorado Springs, USA and 7th Floor should be proud of that.

Some of the parts included with the Silver Surfer Vaporizer are custom glass Silver Surfer wand, Silver Surfer whip; glass mouthpiece, replacement screens, and SSV hemp carry bag/pouch.

The SSV hemp carrying bag included with every vaporizer is made of 100% organic hemp and has a shoulder strap for easy transport and has plenty of pockets to hold all of the vaporizer parts safely.

7th Floor also has a ton of beautiful looking hand blown glass accessories for your Silver Surfer Vaporizer. One in particular that struck me as definitely worth owning is the SSV Ice Catcher… Imagine a mini water pipe connected to your SSV  but the water pipe only holds ice and its only about 6" tall. There are also bubbler kits, aroma top bowls, and custom designed wands and knobs with a very advanced glass blowing technique applied.

Durability Claims

The Silver Surfer Vaporizer is manufactured in Colorado Springs, USA, and it comes with a 3 year warranty on the heating element and heat indicator light and lifetime on the housing and labor. Support through 7th Floor is professional and turn-around time is very fast.

The defect rate on the Silver Surfer Vaporizer is very minimal. We've encountered a small shipping problem where the heating element cover was pre-cracked or the hemp bag was missing an accessory. Since that handful has passed we have had no problems at all and those were mostly with the sister vaporizer the Da Buddha.


The SSV comes in a bunch of really hot colors – Sunburst/Lamborghini Orange with a Yellow Pearl, Hulk Green, Pretty Pink, Gloss Black with a Rainbow Flake and Flat Black  all custom powder coated by 7th Floor. The powder coat process works as the color comes from paint ions magnetically baked onto the 1/5" aluminum housing leaving no harmful toxins that paint would emit if got too hot, making the colored SSVs completely safe and resistant to chipping. The "Pretty Pink" SSV is not the greatest looking of the bunch with the added Purple base but some ladies might like the option.

Trying to stay different than the rest? The custom color options not enough? Don’t worry 7th Floor also allows for the Silver Surfer Vaporizer's base to easily remove with the ability to switch to 8 different color bases. That’s great for certain college football teams fans; or just any sports team in general.  SSV also includes custom hand blown colored glass knobs, heater covers and wands that are unique and very good looking.

The SSV has an angled downward heating element preventing your material from getting close to the heating element making sure it never burns and you never lose material from removing the wand. The heating element itself is a standard ceramic heating probe surrounded by glass so the heat is always evenly disbursed and we will talk about taste because of this in the next section.

The Silver Surfer Vape also has a super long 10 foot power cord so that you can leave it in the middle of a table where multiple people can use it comfortably instead of everyone having to get up and walk over to your vaporizer like before. The cord is indeed longer than the norm but it still doesn’t match the social style the balloon style vaporizers off in a group setting. If group vape sessions are something you're interested in then this might be one of the few negatives about this vaporizer.


The taste of the vapor is very good – similar to most vaporizers with a ceramic heating element and all glass parts. There is an air intake hole allowing fresh outside air to be inhaled instead of circuitry air being inhaled from the internals of the housing which does keep the vapor cooler and tasting more like the smell of your material.

Ease of Use

With a single inhalation method the Silver Surfer Vaporizer is easy to use for any vaporist novice or advanced. You simply connect to your wand filled with ground material to the heater cover. Make sure your SSV is at the correct knob position – we keep ours at ¾ maybe a little less and inhale like through a straw until you feel there is enough vapor in your lungs.

For vaporizer users who want a cleaner look on your glass there is a non-ground glass/hands-free model SSV that uses an aluminum plate to hold the wand in the heater cover. We don’t carry a ton of them because the ground glass works well and there is no "plate" sticking out the top of your new vape.

Tips and Tricks

One great tip we just heard from the makers of the SSV: 7th Floor, is to pack the wand with a healthy amount of your material and turn the heater knob to almost all the way hot – maybe "80% turn" and inhale at a quicker pace. Your material will brown fast but you will get a very big sized vapor hit.

As with all new vaporizers you should always allow a 30 minute break-in period before the first use. Turn the heat all the way up and let the Silver Surfer vaporizer sit. This will burn any excess manufacturer oil.

Since this is a whip style vaporizer please never cough, blow, sneeze or laugh back into the whip (anything that forces air into the tube toward the heating element). A flame could possibly shoot back through the whip causing the heating element to crack or even worse burn you from the flame.