Shine Gold Blunt Wraps


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  • 24k Edible Gold & Tobacco Wrap
  • 2 Wraps Included
  • Perfect for Special Occasions

What's in the Box

  • 2 Shine Gold Blunt Wraps

Shine Gold Blunt Wraps description


Tired of bland wraps and ugly ashes? If so you’re in luck, because Shine is here to take your blunt session to new levels of fancy. Featuring completely edible gold, Shine’s 24k gold blunt wraps are going to take your session from boring to elite. Not only do Shine Papers turn every head in the room, but the papers also burn extremely slow while also leaving behind a "gift" in the ashtray. Referred to as “the gems” the gold will stay on your ashes, so even your ashtray can get a taste of the high life. Being the first ever 24k wrap has made Shine the go-to brand for those who celebrate all of life's highs.

It's not often you will see rolling papers that are protected by a filed patent, plus copyrights, and when they are, it's because they deserve to be. These incredible 24k gold rolling paper from Shine Papers combine luxury and status in a way that no other smoking papers can dream of doing. Despite their high-class looks these gold rolling papers are easily workable while rolling up and won’t leave you with any unfortunate tears as the edible gold is bonded onto a high-quality tobacco wrap.

There a lot of gimmicky blunt wraps, from flavored ones that overpower your herb’s taste to “invisible” wraps that burn too quick and waste your herb. Upon first sight, it’s understandable how you could think that about Shine’s 24k Blunt Wraps, but their performance will surely change your mind. Shine’s blunt wraps have a sweet aroma and taste, but they don’t go overboard flavor wise. They offer a sweet tobacco spike to your herb without overpowering it and drowning out that wonderful flavor while still looking stylish. More importantly, these gold blunt wraps burn very slow, so your luxurious session won’t end with an annoying flame out.

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