The Plenty Vaporizer


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  • For Aromatic Blends
  • For Solid Concentrates and Liquids When Using included Liquid Pad
  • Silent Operation
  • Lightweight, Ergonomic Design
  • Adjustable Temperature Dial
  • Easy-to-Read Temperature Gauge
  • VapeWorld always carries the latest version with up-to-date firmware

What's in the Box

  • PLENTY Vaporizer
  • Filling Chamber
  • Mouthpiece
  • Cooling Coil
  • 3x Normal Screens
  • Liquid Pad
  • 2x Short Tubing Section
  • 2x Long Tubing Section
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Storz & Bickel Grinder
  • User Manual

The Plenty Vaporizer description


The Plenty Vaporizer from Storz & Bickel delivers high quality vapor in a sleek, handheld design.


The Plenty incorporates several cutting-edge thermal engineering features, enhancing the vaporization experience. The stainless steel whip effectively cools vapor as it passes from the heating chamber to the user, which prevents hot air from masking delicate aromas. The double helix heat exchanger ensures efficient air heating and high-yield vaporization.


The Plenty is hand-crafted in Germany by Storz & Bickel, the makers of the Volcano Vaporizer, and is constructed of top quality materials for first-rate durability and functionality.


The Plenty vaporizer boasts vapor quality on a par with its bigger brother, the Volcano--dense, aromatic, and pure. The Plenty features an effective vapor production system that makes for an enjoyable experience without the learning curve or multitude of components found in other vaporizers. Simply load your blends into the filling chamber, select your desired temperature on the Temperature Adjustment Wheel, engage the heater, and enjoy high quality vapor.

Storz & Bickel, the German manufacturers behind the iconic Volcano Vaporizer, have put a new spin on the classic whip-style desktop vape. The Plenty vaporizer features a one-of-a-kind handheld design that sets it apart aesthetically from every other desktop unit. Upon first glance, the most striking thing about the Plenty vaporizer is its cooling coil. Instead of a traditional silicone whip, the Plenty features a high-quality stainless steel cooling coil. This coil is highly efficient and ensures a unique and aromatic vape experience. In conjunction with the stainless steel coil, Storz & Bickel equipped the Plenty vaporizer with precise temperature control between 266°-395°F. The temperature of your filling chamber will be displayed by an analog thermometer. The bi-metallic regulator ensures safe operation, while including independent temperature control and an automatic shut-off feature to make the Plenty plenty safe.


One of the marquee features of the Plenty Vaporizer is its vapor production. After you’ve taken a decent sized pull, you won’t be hurting for vapor. When it comes to vapor production the Plenty is a top tier portable vape. The Plenty allows you to easily take full-bodied pulls, so you won’t have to worry about tiring yourself out on the initial pull of your session. Utilizing an extra wide herb chamber, the Plenty vape gives your herb the surface area it needs for potent draws, and there are no “hot spots”, so each millimeter of you herb is evenly vaped. By having such a large chamber, the Plenty can help conserve your herb stash as it can evenly vaporize any amount of herb. Each piece of the Plenty is easily removed, so periodic cleaning or maintenance is a breeze.


The most eye catching feature of the Plenty is the cooling coil. Aside from looking futuristic, the coil actually works very well to cool the vapor before it reaches your mouthpiece. The Plenty vaporizer metal tubing is a familiar site to most, it is flexible and can be bent into any shape the user finds comfortable. The base of the cooling coil will feel a little hot, but if you’re so inclined you can move your hand up the coil to feel just how quickly the coil cools down as it gets closer to the mouthpiece. The large heating chamber and cooling coil on the Plenty vape make it one of the top desktop units available today.


The Plenty vape is easy to use, taking just a few moments to heat before delivering smooth, potent vapor. It is recommended that you first pack your herb inside the chamber, connect the coil, then take the unit and screw your herb chamber and coil onto the top. After you’ve set your temp with the dial, hit the power switch to turn on the heater and wait for the unit to meet its set temp. The temperature dial on the front will slowly start to rise, and after about 90 seconds, the Plenty vaporizer will be ready to vape.

On the side of the Plenty is a second power switch, so after you’ve taken a few draws and want to heat up again you can easily start the heating process over. Storz & Bickel gave this second switch a 90 second delay, keeping you safe from overheating and overusing the Plenty vape.


As one of the largest and oldest authorized retailers of Storz & Bickel products, you can trust that VapeWorld has the latest iteration of the Plenty in stock with the most up to date firmware.

For more information on the Plenty, visit our Knowledge Base.

The Plenty Vaporizer Reviews

(37 Reviews)
Date: 3/26/2018
Great company
by daveyjones

I bought one and loved it but the cord was not flexible if the room was not warm. The cord broke, I sent it back and they sent me a new one immediately. I am a happy camper and have bought more of their products

Date: 1/12/2018
Great product, great price, and great service
by jabo1949

Just purchased a Plenty and it is great!! Wow! The price was really great also! It was also delivered very quickly and was just as described. I will certainly be purchasing more from "Vapeworld". Good job

Date: 6/1/2017
Great Buy !
by Dude

Bot at the sale price - already have original PAX and wanted an upgrade / option. This blows away the PAX, imho. Easy to use, good flavor, easy to draw from (much better than the PAX). Only downside is it doesn't stand on its own but there is an easy way to make it stand, so not a big problem.
Fully recommend it. As others have said, gave it 3 for Quality because I just got it so can't say long term ok or not.

Date: 4/13/2017
Good stuff
by Jonathon

Really good stuff. Best to use in a party. But don't carry it in the airplane.


The Plenty Vaporizer Q&A

Date: 9/4/2015
Can I use this for anything besides [dry material]? what is the liquid for beside [concentrates]? I would like to Vape liquid. Where do I get it from. Thanks

You can use the Plenty for dry material as well as concentrates and liquids when you use the liquid pad, however you may be looking for something smaller like a vape pen that only vaporizes liquids. We sell those under the "Mods and Tanks" Category.

Date: 8/11/2015
How long of a cord does it have? Would it be fine for a car ride if i get one of those outlet adapters for the car?

The Plenty's cord is pretty long, it's about 6 feet!

Date: 6/26/2015
Can you ship to Australia mate?

Yes we can! Some vaporizers we are not able to ship internationally however. Please contact our Customer Care Department for more information on that!

Date: 5/31/2015
Do you have to plug it in to use it?

Yep! This is a desktop unit which means it has a cord. It does not have batteries and is not portable.