PAX Concentrate Insert


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  • For Liquid & Solid Concentrates
  • Use with Pax3 Vaporizer
  • Easy-To-Use Design
  • Solid Steel Housing & Mouthpiece
  • Dimensions: 1.6” L x 1.1” W x 1.35" D

What's in the Box

  • 1 x PAX Concentrate Insert

PAX Concentrate Insert description

Pax Concentrate Insert for Wax

Providing an elegant and easy way to consume your waxy oils, the Pax 3 concentrate insert adds a new layer of functionality to the Pax vaporizer. Crafted from solid steel, it's built to handle the high heats of wax vaporization. While the Pax vaporizer is known for its legendary dry herb performance, this accessory opens the PAX to a new world of opportunities. The concentrate insert functions like a bucket style atomizer, which delivers tastier hits with the utmost flavor. Bucket style atomizers are a relatively new introduction into the world of concentrate vaporization. While most atomizers feature exposed coils, this insert never brings your waxy oils into direct contact with the heating element. This prevents burn off and wasted product, while delivering more consistent clouds and greater flavor. This is a great way to gain additional functionality for your Pax 3 Vaporizer.

How does it compare to other atomizers?

It’s important to note for wax pen users and those accustomed to coiled style atomizers, that the Pax concentrate insert vaporizes wax and oils a little differently. Rather than using purely conduction heating that bakes the wax at a high temperature, the Pax uses a combination of conduction and convection heating. While this style of heating may take longer, it boasts increased efficiency over atomizers that feature exposed heating coils. Conduction heating is created when the chamber around the accessory heats up. Additional heating is supplied by the user, when drawing breath over their wax concentrates. This is called convection heating.

What does this all mean? This means that the Pax 3 concentrate insert is optimized to vaporize your waxy oils over a longer period with even heat. Rather than instantaneous heating, it will vaporize over a period of 5-10 minutes. This makes it a great option for those who like to vaporize in groups, or users wishing to conserve their herbal concentrates.

How to use

Follow these simple steps to get up and going with your Pax 3 concentrate insert:

  1. - Remove any residue from the heating chamber 
  2. - Remove the lid
  3. - Load your desired concentrates (follow the guide below)
  4. - Place back in your Pax Vaporizer
  5. - Set your Pax vaporizer to the highest setting
  6. - Allow your Pax vaporizer to heat for an additional 30 seconds after it has reached temperature
  7. - You may now begin to draw from your Pax vaporizer

Once your Pax vaporizer has reached its highest setting, it is important to let the concentrate insert heat for an additional period. This will ensure that the Pax 3 concentrate tray has been heated evenly and is ready to convert your wax concentrates into vapor. To test if your concentrate insert is at temperature, take a few short “sips” from your Pax. If you can taste the flavors of your wax, you are ready to take a draw. Maintain a steady even draw for ten seconds to extract the most vapor. If you cannot taste your wax concentrates, you may need to use a higher temperature or wait another 10-30 seconds to heat up. If you are still unable to taste your concentrates, you should power down your Pax vaporizer, allow the Pax 3 concentrate insert to cool and then try loading a smaller amount.

How to load

One of the most important precautions with any concentrate atomizer is proper loading of your wax concentrates. Luckily, the Pax 3 concentrate insert is one of the easiest atomizers to load. Without any exposed wires or heating elements, you can easily use a dab tool without worry of harming any key components.To load your Pax insert, begin by removing the cover of the insert. To load waxes or crumbles, place a mound inside. We recommend beginning with a “less is more” approach. Load an amount about the size of a grain of rice to see how the Pax vaporizer will work with your chosen material. You may then begin to explore slightly larger amounts if desired, however never load an amount larger than the size of a pea into the Pax 3 concentrate insert. Overloading will result in messes, wasted product and more cleaning.

If you’re loading a runnier substance, it is important to never fill the Pax 3 concentrate insert more than half full. This will prevent any type of spillage. If desired, stainless steel pads or cotton wick can be used to absorb liquids more readily. Once you have loaded your desired material into the insert, you may replace the cover. It is important to keep the Pax upright throughout operation as this will prevent your concentrate materials from leaking. You are now ready for vaporization.

Cleaning the Pax 3 insert

Proper cleaning of the concentrate insert is essential to longevity and proper performance. Waxes and oils tend to leave behind more residue than is common with dry herb vaporization. The Pax 3 insert boasts easier cleaning than other oil atomizers. The Pax 3 complete kit contains many items for care and maintenance of the Pax vaporizer. Without any coils or electronics to get in the way, the entirety of the Pax 3 concentrate insert can be submerged in Isopropyl alcohol. This will clean even the most stubborn of resins from the concentrate insert. While this doesn’t need to be performed after every usage, the buildup should be removed as it accumulates. Keeping it clean will ensure that your wax is consistently and properly heated while preventing permeation of unwanted flavors.

Tips and Tricks

  • - Don’t overfill
  • - Works optimally when more air can flow over the wax or oils
  • - Never load more than 1/3 of a gram, around the size of a pea
  • - Vape at the highest temperature o Waxes and oils tend to vaporize at higher temperatures than dry herb
  • - Allow time for the Pax 3 to reach temperature
  • - Utilize the Pax 3 app to unlock even higher temperatures for larger cloud output
  • - Keep your Pax upright for liftoff o When your concentrates are heated, they will become much more runny
  • - Avoid tilting or turning your Pax upside-down to prevent leaking
  • - Keep it clean - Brush after every usage
  • - Use a Q-tip dipped in Isopropyl alcohol to spot clean any pesky areas
  • - For deep cleaning, soak in alcohol and rinse thoroughly

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