O-PHOS Vaporizer


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  • For Solid Concentrates
  • 601 Threading
  • Includes KISS Cartridge
  • Durable Lightweight Design

What's in the Box

  • O-PHOS
  • Lithium-ion Battery
  • Heat Shield
  • Battery Cap
  • KISS Cartridge
  • Mouthpiece
  • AC / USB Battery Charger
  • Carrying Case
  • User Manual

O-PHOS Vaporizer description


A revolutionary personal vaporizer for the true connoisseur, the O-PHOS allows you to vaporize solid concentrates anywhere and anytime. Experience pure vapor from start to finish with the new KISS Cartridge, a ceramic wick and titanium coil atomizer.

Revolutionary KISS Cartridge

The KISS Cartridge was specifically designed from the ground up for solid concentrate use, unlike other portable concentrate vaporizers that are typically comprised of re-purposed components.

Durable, Portable & Sleek

Durable design and ultimate portability in a sleek form-factor, the O-PHOS is a top choice for portable use. O-PHOS stands for "Omicron Light". It's everything you love about Omicron, but in a slimmer body and with USB pass through charging, allowing you to use and charge O-PHOS simultaneously.

For more information on the O-PHOS, visit our Knowledge Base.

O-PHOS Vaporizer Reviews

(1 Reviews)
Date: 12/26/2014
great vape for advanced [concentrate] users
by solid

O-PHOS Vaporizer Q&A

Date: 8/27/2015
Can i use this for [concentrates]?

Yes! This pen is for solid concentrates.

Date: 12/14/2014
Does this vaporize l[dried blends] as well ?

No, the O-PHOS is for solid concentrates only.

Date: 11/23/2014
Are there different heat settings?

No, you cannot manually change the heat settings on this vape.

Date: 10/7/2014
Explain the difference between the three optional cartridges.

We recommend the 1.5 ohm for hard solid concentrates and the 2.4 and 5.0 for more pliable concentrates.