Magic-Flight Muad-Dib Concentrate Box


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  • For Solid Concentrates
  • Reaches 900° F in 3 Seconds
  • 50+ Uses on a Single Charge
  • Fits In the Palm of Your Hand
  • Optical Grade Lens Lid
  • Utilizes Rechargeable AA NiMH Batteries

What's in the Box

  • One Noir Muad-dib Concentrate Box
  • 2x rechargeable NiMH Glyph Batteries with protective caps
  • Battery charger
  • Felt-lined decorative tin
  • 1.5 ft. Black Draw Whip
  • Loading spoon
  • 1x Replacement Screen

Magic-Flight Muad-Dib Concentrate Box description

Magic-Flight Muad-Dib Concentrate Box

The Muad-Dib (pronounced maw-deeb) Concentrate Box comes complete with everything you need to vaporize solid concentrates on-the-go. The Muad-Dib uses the same technology as the Launch Box, but with a newly engineered screen that reaches 900° F in only 3 seconds. The Muad-Dib uses the same batteries as the Launch Box, but allows for 50+ uses on a single charge. A 1.5 ft draw whip is included in place of a draw stem to provide for cooler vapor.


The Muad-Dib features an elegant brushed brass face and an optical grade glass lens with four snick locks to keep it held in place. In true Magic-Flight fashion, a new aphorism, “Intimacy implies loyalty” has been etched into the back of the box.

Accessory Friendly

The Muad-Dib works with all Magic-Flight accessories including the Power Adapter 2.0 for extra power at home or in your vehicle, and the Water Piece Whip for water cooled vapor.

How it Works

To begin vaporization, slide back the Muad-Dib optical grade lens lid and load a small amount of solid concentrate onto the trench. Close the lid and press the charged battery into the box to activate the stainless steel heating rod. An orange indicator light under the lid will light to show you the conduction process is taking place and will be ready-to-use in 3 to 5 seconds. A unique vapor channel flow system delivers vapor directly to the user minimizing condensation. Draw slowly from the whip for best results.

For more information on the Muad-Dib, visit our Knowledge Base.


Magic-Flight Warranty Contact

  • Magic-Flight
  • CustomerService@Magic-Flight.com

Lifetime Functional Warranty

Magic-Flight grants to all purchasers of the Launch Box vaporizer a Lifetime Functional Warranty for all Box units. Your Launch Box carries a unique serial number; altering or removing this number renders the warranty completely void.

Warranty does not cover lost, stolen, defaced, or willfully damaged units. Warranty also does not cover units with the serial number sanded off or not visible. Shipping charges may apply.

Magic-Flight Muad-Dib Concentrate Box Reviews

(1 Reviews)
Date: 6/3/2015
Hits Really good, too expensive
by Overall product 8/10

This product works really well. It [draws] really hard! It might be my throat specifically, but sometimes this thing can be harsh. has left me coughing non stop frequently. The tray where you load the concentrates is extremely small. With that being said i would not recommend this product if you want something on the go. It takes time and concentration/effort to load it bc it is so small. The tray does get a lot of residue overtime so be prepared to buy more (comes with 2x when purchased. If you plan to use this at home or an a setting where you are not rushed, and can sit down and take your time to load it, then i do recommend it. It came with a whip, loading tool, 2x trays, 2 batteries, battery charger, and a to go tray. The box itself is built sturdy so dont worry about it breaking. Just know youll have to replace the trays ever so often. As mentioned, it [draws] hard, gets you loaded pretty darn good. Just isnt the best option if you want something portable. All in all i do recommend it if you have the extra money to spend.


Magic-Flight Muad-Dib Concentrate Box Q&A

Date: 6/10/2015
can i clean the screen by soaking it in ISO?

Yes, just be careful because it's very fragile!

Date: 9/18/2014
How hard is this to clean? I have a Pax and love it. How would you rate this compared to Pax?I need something for when my Pax is charging and this looked cool....or would you recommend another Pax as I love the ease of cleaning the Pax

The Launch Box is very easy to clean. After each session, use the included brush to remove any excess debris from the trench. Magic-Flight is smaller than Pax, but Pax produces more vapor.

Date: 9/15/2014
Can the same fine ground product be consumed as the launch box?What does "solid concentrate" mean?Thanks, Chris C

No, the Muad-Dib is not for ground aromatic blends. It is meant for concentrated materials.

Date: 8/26/2014
My 2nd. Magic Flight quit and I'm too chicken to ship it back so I thought I might try the Maud-Dib. Is it too hot for My herbal blend? Will 900 F. cause combustion in the tray? Is the Warranty the same as the Launch Box?

Muad Dib is specifically for solid concentrates and will combust dry aromatic blends. Muad Dib carries a lifetime warranty.