Magic-Flight Concentrate Tray


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  • Designed For Magic-Flight Launch Box
  • Screened Tray (For Liquids)
  • Unscreened Tray (For Solid Concentrates)
  • Fits Directly Into Trench
  • OEM Magic-Flight Product

What's in the Box

  • Screened Tray (For Liquids)
  • Unscreened Tray (For Solid Concentrates)
  • Storage Jar

Magic-Flight Concentrate Tray description

Magic-Flight Concentrate Tray

With the addition of the Magic-Flight Aromatic Concentrate Tray, flexibility with the Launch Box is rising to new heights. The Tray will enable Launch Box owners to vaporize aromatic concentrates and extracts simply and efficiently in their Launch Box. The Concentrate Tray comes with two configurations:

Screened Tray: This Tray is crafted from stainless steel and contains a chemically inert quartz pad below a stainless steel mesh. This tray is suitable for any concentrate that CAN fully melt to a liquid and leave no residue behind.

Un-screened Tray: This tray is also crafted from stainless steel, but does not include the stainless steel mesh or quartz pad. This tray is suitable for any concentrates that can NOT fully melt to a liquid. The use of liquid concentrates in the un-screened tray can lead to MFLB screen damage.

Magic-Flight Concentrate Tray Reviews

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Date: 9/9/2014
Is this really worth the (hidden) cost?
by gRiz

To use this effectively, you will need the AC power adapter. While most concentrates will vaporize with a FULL battery, you will discharge both batteries long before you finish the tray. Tweezers are required to get the tray into the trench without spillage, and even then it's tricky. You need a butane torch to clean the residue off the tray when you're done.

Let's add this up. You spent $120 on the MFLB. Is it cheaper to get this Concentrate Tray for $18, plus $80 for the power adapter, plus ten bucks for a spare set of batteries (this is supposed to be portable, right?), plus $6 for a butane torch and another $6 for a can of gas to fill the torch. That adds up to an additional $120 to retrofit the MFLB, when you can buy a pen-style vape for around $80.

This is a bit like upgrading a Model-T into a race car... you can blow a small fortune and it will still never perform like the newer, purpose-built hardware. But if, like me, you already owned the MFLB, the AC adapter, the whip mouthpiece, and extra batteries... then it's a huge bargain.


Magic-Flight Concentrate Tray Q&A

Date: 2/11/2014
I'm new at vaporizers. It looks like, with the concentrate tray, it's possible to smoke wax or liquids, where without the concentrate tray the matchbox is only for smoking flowers, correct?

Yes, this is correct. This item includes a a screened tray for liquids and an unscreened tray for solid concentrates. Remove the tray to use Launch Box with dry aromatic blends.