Magic Flight Launch Box Finishing Grinder


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  • Designed For Magic-Flight Launch Box
  • Fits Directly Into Trench
  • Micro Fine Grind
  • Choose Maple, Cherry, Or Walnut To Match Your Launch Box
  • OEM Magic-Flight Product

Magic Flight Launch Box Finishing Grinder description

Magic-Flight Launch Box Finishing Grinder

Prepare your next vaping session with the Magic Flight Finishing Grinder. Each MFLB grinder is constructed from the same sustainable wood that is used for the groundbreaking Magic Flight Launch Box. This grinder creates a fine grind that is perfect for your dry herb vaporizer. With an intuitive design, the MFLB finishing grinder perches on top of the bowl of the Launch Box and deposits herb directly into the trench for a perfect pack every time. The MFLB finishing grinder comes in your choice of Maple, Walnut, or Cherry wood. This premium dry herb grinder was designed for use with the MFLB and is hand finished by skilled woodworkers.

For those who don’t own a Magic Flight Launch Box, this herb grinder can serve as a secondary grinder, making ground herb even finer in consistency. Finely ground herbs are preferred for most vaporizers, as they leave more surface area with which heat can make contact. The MFLB finishing grinder will preserve your stash amount and get the most out of your herb during every vaping session. The benefit of a slower burn helps to ensure that each draw from your vape is consistent and smooth. The Magic Flight finishing grinder is backed by an outstanding Lifetime Warranty and will leave you with peace of mind that your MFLB will always be perfectly loaded.

Magic Flight Launch Box Finishing Grinder Reviews

(6 Reviews)
Date: 6/5/2014
it works perfectly but price is too high!
by triplecarga

Finely mince your blends in a superlative way, good to use it for a vaporizer that requires powdered blends for intense vapor (like pax). Not valid when used as first grinder, it becomes really useful when you want to grind the aromatic blends for a second and final time. So, if you want to buy this you need also a second grinder.
I use it in conjunction with a Space Case Scout (small) and the pleasant surprise is that Magic Flight Finishing Grinder (MFFG) fits perfectly the Space Case extra deep chamber where the aromatic blends are stored. So it fit exactly the case where you will go depositing the grinded medical herb, without any leakage.
It comes with a metalic box. It's a beautiful object but it's very small and it does not justify a so high price: $ 39 for two little pieces of wood and one of metal, simply too much!

Date: 2/7/2014
Pricey but totally worth it!
by Jane

I was hesitant to buy this accessory for my MFLB because I wasn't about the 40 bills I'd have to dish out, but I am so glad I did... It grinds so fine that your draws are much more intense. The powder-like consistency it grinds maximizes the amount you use so that you can fully fill up your trench with a lot less compared to what you get with any other grinder

Date: 1/18/2014
Beautifully engineered and styled
by DagoRed

Works beautifully, love how it fits perfectly over the top of my MFLB's screen. Grinds are superfine and vape extremely efficiently. Additionally, the Finishing Grinder has breathed new life into my Volcano Vaporizer, as the connector groove fits perfectly over the top of my Easy Valve, resulting in grinds that produce wonderfully dense and bountiful bags of bliss.

Date: 11/28/2013
by Taragone

Although this little grinder is fairly small, as is the launch box itself, it works perfectly and is no problem for my small girl hands haha. I can see giant manly hands having a slightly difficult time with it but maybe not. Definitely grinds everything to the perfect consistency and gets you the most out of your [aromatic blends]. Plus it looks pretty sweet.


Magic Flight Launch Box Finishing Grinder Q&A