Iolite Portable Vaporizer Review

In 2008 Oglesby & Butler expanded into the aromatic vaporizer market with the portable revolution of the iolite portable vaporizer. Their vaporizer features a unique bi-metal thermostat, which regulates the temperature to a constant 190ºC.

The iolite vaporizer is patented in over 150 countries and now with the help of a re-designed filling chamber, Oglesby & Butler are going to have a great product with a very long track record ahead of them.

At $250 it is the most expensive portable vaporizer and about mid range for vaporizers in general. But for being the first truly portable vaporizer that’s self contained it definitely makes the price worth it.

Some of the parts in the box include an iolite carrying case, cleaning tools, an extra screens, bottom screen removal wrench and instruction manual.

Durability Claims

The iolite vaporizer is made in Ireland; the manufacturers Oglesby & Butler give you a full 1 year warranty but only offer warranty services in Carlow, Ireland. That downside includes a couple week turn-around time along with a hefty shipping cost. We haven’t had any returns that we had to send back to Ireland but they haven’t been out for a year yet either.

Vape World has had some returns on the iolite – none have been because of the iolite not working, but because the 190 degree Celsius temperature is not hot enough to give off a thick vapor when you inhale/exhale and some customers thought it wasn’t working correctly.

The newest version iolite have a redesigned filling chamber to create a much denser vapor without visibility of it, still keeping the iolite as a very portable vaporizer.


The iolite vaporizer is the width and shape of a walkie-talkie except a couple inches longer with the tip. In your hand no one would have any idea it's an actual vaporizer and can literally be taken anywhere.

It uses Butane to heat up the filling chamber and gets to about 190 degrees Farenheit which is a perfect temperature for thick vapor enthusiasts – thats a ton of heat in a fully self-contained portable vaporizer. Butane itself is very dangerous to the human body. It can cause skin irritation and can slowly irritate your throat and esophagus if inhaled directly. That’s not something to worry about with this device because of the bi-metal heating chamber that breaks down all butane before inhalation.

The super bright colors are the only give away that it's something a little more "fun" than what the normal bystander might think. That’s being remedied with the new "black" iolite coming very soon.


The taste of the vapor is very faint with the iolite vaporizer. You taste exactly what your material smells like. Don’t let the faint vapor taste fool you, the vapor is being produced and you will notice the great aroma very quickly.

Ease of Use

There is only one method of inhalation – direct style. Simply put your mouth over the tip of the iolite and inhale slowly. Because of that there is no learning curve which is a plus compared to some whip style vaporizers where you have to regulate your inhale rate so the blend doesn’t burn too quickly.

Filling the iolite vaporizer with Butane is very easy. If you have ever filled a Zippo then you can easily fill up the iolite. The instruction manual included with the iolite (that is also written in 15 different languages) explains how to safely and easily fill it. Once filled simply turn the unit on by flipping the switch to "1" and pressing once on the piezo starter switch. Wait for the amber light to disappear and your unit is heated.

Cleaning is simple with the included cotton tools and the included screens are very easy to replace when need be. The way the unit is designed it will take a lot of vaporization to get build-up on the screen or in the filling chamber.

Re-filling the chamber is very straight forward but just be careful because its inserted upside down so you have to flip the iolite with the tip towards the ground otherwise you will have spilt the blend all over the floor.

Tips and Tricks

The first time you fill the iolite with Butane wait a couple minutes before turning it on. This will allow the internal heating element to coat and absorb the butane more efficiently from that point on leading to a better experience.

Like we mentioned above about the chamber – make sure you point the tip towards the ground when filling the chamber, for better vaporization and conservation of material it's designed upside down.

A new trick we have figured out is to allow the iolite portable vaporizer to "bake" your material by very slowly drawing on it for another minute or two after the amber light has already gone out. Then regulate your breathing technique with a faster inhalation method and you will see noticeable vapor and get a very good vapor hit.


The new Black iolite Portable Vaporizers have just arrived along with a re-designed filling chamber/heating element configuration. There is a small noticeable difference in vapor quality as well as taste - both have been improved. All color iolite vaporizers will come with the updated configuration so you wont have to worry about being stuck with just black.