IOLITE Premium Butane


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  • 300ml/10.1oz Can
  • Near Zero Impurities

IOLITE Premium Butane description

IOLITE Premium Butane

Disclaimer: Butane is only available with the free ground shipping option. It cannot be shipped with any express shipping option, or outside the US for International orders.

Recommended for all IOLITE vaporizers and other butane powered devices, Oglesby & Butler's IOLITE Butane contains near zero impurities. Each 300ml / 10.01oz can provides numerous refills and is processed in first-rate refineries. Canned in the cleanest environment possible, IOLITE is a premium butane that is free of unwanted matter and contaminants that affect performance of lighters, torches, and vaporizers. Choose IOLITE Premium Butane for optimal performance.

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