I Bought A Vaporizer - Now What Do I Do?

I Bought A Vaporizer - Now What Do I Do?

The first step in getting the most benefit from your vaporizer is to grind the ingredients to the proper consistency.  While the best way to accomplish this task is to use a grinder, a coffee grinder will also work effectively.  In the absence of a grinder, you can chop the ingredients using a scissors or a knife.  You need to ensure you do not over grind the materials or they will turn to a fine powder.

Make sure the plant material is hydrated, meaning it is not dried out.  You can hydrate the material overnight by sealing it in a plastic bag with some orange peels or lettuce leaves. 

The next step is heating the vaporizer to the correct temperature.  There will either be a knob, a digital control, or simply an on and off switch to use.  The vaporizer should warm for five to ten minutes until it meets the required heat for vaporizing, as per the unit instructions.  Vaporizers are very safe when used as recommended at the right temperature setting.

After the heating element has sufficiently warmed, you need to the load the material into the handpiece or place them on a screen.  With a vapor whip, you can put the material into the loading chamber and breathe into the mouthpiece to create a vacuum.  Only a small amount of the ground material is required.  Be sure the ingredients are not grounded too finely or they will fall through the screen. 

You can now begin the vaporization process.  When the material is vaporized, the plant matter is heated until its liquid ingredients come out and then turn to vapor.  The vapor is then inhaled directly into the lungs so its active ingredients are delivered efficiently to the user. 

A handpiece is held near the heating element and the plastic mouthpiece is put in your mouth for inhaling.  As the plant materials are heated to a point of combustion, they will create a dense fog.  You draw the hot air over the materials by inhaling through the tube.  The air should be inhaled quickly and drawn deeply into the lungs, so the materials are not burned.  When the heating element cools, you can draw more slowly.  With some experimentation, you will learn the best way to inhale the pure vapor.

With the volcano vaporizer, the vapor is captured in a balloon shaped bag and cools quickly.  It can be immediately inhaled after the bag is filled.  You should turn off the heating element once the chamber is full so the materials are not burned. 

The materials will be vaporized when their color changes from green to brown.  After they are used, they will no longer produce a vapor and if they are left in the heating element they will begin to smoke and burn.   The vaporized material should be discarded. 

All vaporizers will create an odor, but they should not create any smoke.  Because smoke contains harmful carcinogens, the absence of smoke in a vaporizer makes them a healthier alternative to smoking.  Vaporizers do not have the risk of producing any second hand smoke, either, as no combustion occurs so the vapor does not contain any smoke.


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