Hot Box Vaporizer

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Hot Box

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  • Ceramic Nichrome Heating Element
  • Glass-on-Glass Components
  • Hands Free & Standard Versions Available

Hot Box Vaporizer

The Hot Box is a simple, yet effective desktop vaporizer with an array color and design options. Hand made in the USA, the Hot Box is reliable, durable, and comes standard with a 5 year warranty. Hot Box utilizes a special ceramic nichrome heating element that is ready for use in just minutes. Choose between Standard, Ground Glass (hands free), and many colors and designs options, including Stone, Tile, Artist Series, and many more.

How it Works

Turn on Hot Box and allow it to heat for 10 minutes, ensuring optimal vaporization temperatures. Finely grind your blends and load them into the glass wand. Make sure to fill your wand no more than 1/3 capacity for best results. Insert the wand onto the glass heater cover and begin to draw. Your rate of draw will affect the temperature. A slower draw speed will raise the temperature; a faster draw speed will lower the temperature.


For optimal performance, be sure to clean your Hot Box regularly. Replace screens and whip tubing as needed. Glass components can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol (91% or higher recommended). Never clean the device while it is still plugged in.

What's in the Box

  • Hot Box Vaporizer
  • Whip / Wand Assembly
    - Glass 2-Piece Wand
    - 2.5' Whip Tubing
    - Glass Mouthpiece
  • User Manual
Q & A

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