What Is A Hot Box Vaporizer?

What Is A Hot Box Vaporizer

A Hot Box vaporizer is a high quality product that is easy to use and relatively inexpensive to buy.  It is designed in the shape of a cube and is available in a wide variety of colors and designs so it fits nicely in any decor.  The Hot Box vaporizer is made with ceramic tile that is either a solid, deep hue or stone pattern such as onyx, red marble Hot Box, or other precious stones.  It can also be hand painted or custom designed with photos so it will look like a showpiece when not in use.

The Hot Box vaporizer heats up quickly and maintains its optimal heat for many hours.  It has internal temperature controls, so you simply plug it in and wait for about fifteen minutes for the correct temperature to be reached.  Once the optimum temperature is reached, the materials can be added to the screen at the top of the wand .  They will begin to vaporize and you can then inhale the vapor.  This design of vaporizer can be used hands-free, making it a convenient choice.  Many people who enjoy the Volcano Vaporizer but find it to be rather expensive will enjoy the Hot Box vaporizer as an affordable alternative.

The Hot Box vaporizer is a healthy choice for smokers, as the vapor is 95% free of harmful bi-products associated with smoking.  Because the plant material is heated to a point below the level of combustion, the essential elements of the material are released in a pure form.  A convection air heating process is used to indirectly heat the materials using a ceramic heating element.  Because the materials are not in direct contact with the heat source, there is less chance of burning.  The hot air passes over the materials and causes them to vaporize.  Because the Hot Box vaporizer does not have a precise temperature control, you need to take extra care to ensure the materials do not burn.

When inhaling through the tube, be sure to breathe slowly and steadily.  The vapor is hot and clear, although when exhaled you will see a white vapor.  

Hot Box vaporizers are used for aromatic purposes by placing finely chopped materials in the Hot Box wand set   The wand is then placed against the heating element so the materials are vaporized.  The resulting vapor is high quality and can then be inhaled.  A standard glass whip device is used so that you can inhale using a tube. 

Replacement vapor whips are available, although most Hot Box vaporizers also come with a one year hassle free parts and labor warranty.  Replacement screens are usually included with your purchase, although this part can also be purchased at your local hardware store.  The tube should be replaced when it becomes dirty and can no longer be cleaned effectively.  This part is also easy to find and is carried at most hardware stores.  Be careful when cleaning the glass wand, as it is breakable.  Cleaning is easiest after soaking this part in hot water or 420 Soak -N- Rinse.

The Hot Box vaporizer is a high quality item, available in a variety of colors and designs at a good price.  Although the warranty is only one year, where more expensive vaporizers come with a three year warranty, it is easy to use and relatively inexpensive.  The box gets very hot while in use so be careful not to touch or move the vaporizer until the unit has cooled off.   


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