Hands Free vs. Standard Vaporizers

If you own a Silver Surfer Vaporizer, Vapor Brothers Vaporizer, or a general Box Vaporizer then you might encounter the terms: Ground Glass, Hands Free, Standard and Non-Hands Free. This page was created to help answer some basic questions about the differences, similarities, pros and cons.


Ground Glass (noun) Glass that has been ground into fine particles, for use as an abrasive

Hands Free (adj.) Describes equipment that be used without the use of hands

Standard Glass (noun) Glass that has not been touched, no ground up glass ends

Non- Hands Free (adj.) Describes equipment that can only be used with the help of hands holding it

Hands Free Vaporizers

We have used the Silver Surfer Vaporizer as an example below

Let’s start with the much more popular Hands Free, Ground Glass version of Heater Covers and their respective Ground Glass Wands. Wands are the 4-6” long glass piece that attaches to one end of your tubing and you would place the aromatic material into – also has the small screen in it.

You can always tell if your vaporizer is Hands Free because of the grounded glass heater cover and matching grounded glass wand. It will look frosted and have a slight sand paper-like texture on those pieces. One of the major advantages of having a ground glass / hands free vaporizer is you don’t have to hold your wand / whip up to the vaporizer (hands free). This leaves your hands free to adjust heat, hold a drink or even write a review on your vaporizer for VapeWorld.com.

The main disadvantage to having a ground glass Hands Free Vaporizer is while inhaling you will only vaporize a certain spot of your material inside the wand. It is difficult to twist the wand inside the heater cover with the ground glass restricting your movement. Another disadvantage with having a Hands Free vaporizer is there is a major possibility that the wand can be pulled out – let’s say you turn to grab something while inhaling or while the wand is inside the vaporizer and you yank the wand out of the vaporizer. Two things can and will happen: 1.) Your wand falls out from the vaporizer and all of your ingredients falls out onto the floor; or 2.) the ground glass wand falls out onto something hard and breaks – your vaporizer is now useless until you buy another Hands Free wand.


Ground Glass has a “custom” look to it

Completely Hands Free


Cannot rotate the wand – leaving part, not all of your material vaporized

Can fall out and cause you to lose your material

Can fall out and break your wand leaving your vaporizer useless

Featured Hands Free Vaporizers

Some vaporizers we carry that use Ground Glass and are Hands Free:Da Buddha Vaporizer, Silver Surfer Vaporizer, Extreme-Q Vaporizer and little brother V-Tower Vaporizer, Easy Vape Vaporizer, Vaporite SOLO Vaporizer, Ground Glass Hot Box Vaporizers, and Vaporfection Vaporizers. Pretty much 95% of the vaporizers we carry are Hands Free with Ground Glass and cannot be changed. The only vaporizer that gives you the option is the Silver Surfer Vaporizer - that is why we used it as an example.

Standard Vaporizers

We have used the Silver Surfer Vaporizer as an example below as this is the only vaporizer we carry that is available in Standard configuration

Explaining the Standard Glass / Non-Hands Free Vaporizer is more basic and easier to understand. The pictures will help but comparing it to the Hands Free version there is no grounded glass on the wand or heater cover. You simply will hold the wand up to the heater cover on the vaporizer and you can rotate it and remove it very easily with no restrictions.

Advantages of having a Standard vaporizer would be the ability to rotate the wand while inhaling and vaporize a more even amount of the aromatic ingredients packed into the wand. Another advantage of the non-hands free version of vaporizers is since you have to hold up the wand the whole time it is much harder to drop the wand causing your material to fall out or your Standard Wand to break.

The main disadvantage of choosing a Standard vaporizer or replacing your Hands Free Heater Cover and Wand (on SSV vaporizers only, you can switch out the heater cover and wand to make it Standard) with a Standard version is the obvious fact you have to hold the filled wand up to the vaporizer's heater cover.


Ability to rotate wand while vaporizing

Because you have to hold it, you are less likely to let it fall to the ground – breaking the wand or dropping out your material


You have to hold it while vaporizing


The only vaporizers we carry that have the ability to be Standard are the Silver Surfer Vaporizers. Some of the more custom models we can special order from 7th Floor, like the Mind Eraser or Rasta SSV will come with Standard fittings. If you purchased a Silver Surfer Vaporizer with us today you would automatically receive the Ground Glass parts making the vaporizer Hands Free. You can request the switch-over to Standard at no extra charge or purchase a Standard SSV Heater Cover and any of our many types of Standard Whip/Wands.

Deluxe vs. Non-Deluxe Wands

VapeWorld gives you the choice when it comes to General Vaporizer Wands - Deluxe or Non-Deluxe, read on to see what the main differences are.

Deluxe Wands can easily be distinguished by the metal cylinder in the middle of the wand. This is where the Deluxe title comes into play. That metal piece allows the Glass Wand to be separated into TWO pieces allowing you to easily and effortlessly replace the screen inside the wand. Simply un-screw and pop out the screen. You can see both Standard and Hands Free versions of our Universal Deluxe Wands above. Below is a picture of both types of Deluxe Glass Wands un-screwed to show how easy it would be to replace the screen.

Non-Deluxe Wands are your typical All Glass part - to change the screen you will have to push the existing screen out and then wiggle a new one in. It will take a little finesse and patience, so customers who have arthritis or any kind of nerve conditions where holding your hand steady is an issue we suggest spending the extra $10.00 and saving yourself some hassle and going with the Deluxe version of the wand. You can see the difference between them below in both Standard and Hands-Free configuration.

Again if you are unsure about what you will need for your vaporizer please feel free to contact us anytime - we have trained vaporizer product specialists available to make sure you are ordering the correct part the first time.