Grasshopper Titanium Vaporizer

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  • For Aromatic Blends
  • Durable, Lightweight Titanium Exterior
  • 15-Second Auto Shut-Off Safety Feature
  • Wide Temperature Range For Custom Vaporization
  • Heats Up In 5 Seconds
  • Made in the USA

What's in the Box

  • 1x Titanium Grasshopper Vaporizer
  • 1x Magnetic USB Charger
  • 1x Silicone Mouthpiece Guard
  • 1x 750mAh Lithium-Ion Battery

Grasshopper Titanium Vaporizer description

Grasshopper Titanium Vaporizer

Compact, portable and powerful, the Titanium Grasshopper is a vape pen that utilizes cutting-edge technology. Designed to keep up with your active lifestyle, the Titanium Grasshopper is durable and ergonomic. Built for ultimate discretion, the device’s body mimics that of a high-end ballpoint pen so that you can easily, and stealthily, enjoy sessions on-the-go.

How it Works

Once the oven of the Titanium Grasshopper vaporizer is loaded, simply click the end of the device like a ballpoint pen. Rotate the dial to your desired temperature 266°F - 410°F (130°C - 210°C). When the indicator lights turn from red to blue in just a few seconds, the Titanium Grasshopper is ready to go! Draw from the tip and enjoy.


Dip a cotton swab in the isopropyl alcohol. Ensuring the device is cooled down, insert the swab into the heating chamber. Scrub the sides and bottom using a circular motion. After soaking the mouthpiece, remove any remaining residue. Allow both the heating chamber and mouthpiece to dry completely before your next session.


Warranty Contact

  • Hopper Labs, LLC
  • grasshoppervape.com/contact

Manufacturer's Warranty for Grasshopper vaporizer

Your Grasshopper Vaporizer carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

This warranty covers manufacturing defects and most general “wear and tear” on the device, for the lifetime of the purchaser. Your warranty does not cover the battery or the screen of the Grasshopper. Those parts must be replaced at the cost of the purchaser. The warranty does not cover devices that have been damaged due to misuse, abuse or accident such as: Purposely causing damage to the device, charging the device with a non UL listed charger, failure to follow the provided operating instructions or safety information, submerging the device in a liquid while on, or making any attempt to repair a damaged device. This warranty covers only the original purchaser of the device. The purchasing invoice must be kept to receive service. The owner of the device is responsible for shipping it back to us for warranty service. Any shipping charges incurred by this are the responsibility of the owner. To receive service you must contact service@grasshoppervape.com. In order to improve the device and future service, we ask that you explain the failure of your device in detail when submitting a request. Any request for service not processed through this contact will not be fulfilled.

Grasshopper Titanium Vaporizer Reviews

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Date: 12/31/2016
Blown away.
by RJ

I had extremely high expectations and this little gem has exceeded them. I have the extreme Q, firefly, and the Pax. The grasshopper blew these out of the water.


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