MJ Arsenal Glass Bubblers

MJ Arsenal Glass Bubblers

MJ Arsenal has entered the smoking arena blunts blazin’ with a smoke show collection of glass bubblers for use with dry herb and concentrates. Lightweight, easy-to-use, and perfect for on-the-go sessions, the MJ Arsenal pieces are trailblazers for the modern era of functional glass. Small enough to comfortably fit in a pocket, these premium, handblown pieces bring the ritual of smoking to the next level by providing portable water filtration and hand-held functionality.

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Designed for smokers who don’t vaporize but still want filtered smoke and cooled hits, MJ Arsenal has engineered bubblers tailored for your joints or blunts. Constructed from medical grade borosilicate glass, all of the bubblers (and one mini rig) are durable and easy to clean. Each glass bubbler will deliver huge rips while blending fashion and function without breaking your bank. MJ Arsenal prides itself on being built on the principles of “innovation, affordability, and functionality”. With an MJ Arsenal bubbler, you can be sure your next smoking session will be unique and exciting.


Every single piece that comes from MJ Arsenal is constructed from medical grade borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is very durable, as it can stand up against quick temperature changes without breaking or wearing down. Often called “space glass” for its futuristic ability to withstand drops, this type of glass is much tougher than your “average” glass pipe. Coupled with its ability to withstand temperature changes and breakage, borosilicate glass is tough enough to clean regularly and resist corrosion. To clean any of the MJ Arsenal pieces, just fill them with isopropyl alcohol (the higher the percentage the better), add some salt, and shake. The alcohol and salt combine to form a powerful resin-scrubbing duo that will leave your MJ Arsenal piece looking brand new.


Each high grade borosilicate glass bubbler offered by MJ Arsenal gives you a different water filtration experience. Let’s breakdown each piece and what it has to offer:

The Martian Blunt Bubbler: This piece is the original bubbler, made specifically for roll-your-own products such as blunts and pre-rolled joints. Its spill resistant design and pendant hook make it a perfect accessory for traveling, camping, hiking or concerts. You can easily secure it on your person without fear of losing or breaking your bubbler. The carb hole can be used in the standard fashion but also allows for directional airflow. This airflow creates a tornado effect inside the Martian, giving you a bit of a show to go with your cooled smoke experience.

Cupid Blunt Bubbler: Available in Cupid Pink or Cupid Green this bubbler will definitely show your blunt some love. Featuring a double-slit percolator that is carved into a unique, double-reinforced, arrow-shaped down stem, the Cupid takes your blunt’s smoke and cools it down before it gets to your throat. The double-slit percolator not only gives the bubbler a charming look, it also fortifies the interior glass elements inside. Palm-sized, durable, and lightweight, this handblown piece brings your smoking ritual to the next level by providing portable water filtration.

Commander Blunt Bubbler: With a striking tank inspired design, the Commander Blunt Bubbler is a sturdy piece that will make your blunt sessions smoother than ever. Inside the eye popping green glass is a triple-slit base connected percolator, giving this “flower cannon” unparalleled functionality and structural integrity. With a perfectly flat bottom the Commander is virtually spill-proof as it can lay flush on any flat surface.

King Toke Blunt Bubbler: This handy little bubbler is the perfect way to add filtration for smoother hits from your joint or blunt. The King Toke is a twist on the original Martian Bubbler concept, and now features a dual-slit diffuser and a wider pyramid shaped design to provide bigger tokes with no fear of water splash back. The bubbler is designed to scale in size, meaning it can hold a joint rolled with 1 1/4 sized papers, all the way up to the large blunts. A carb hole is strategically located over the joint or blunt holder, which provides a natural and comfortable grip during use.

Merlin Recycler Bubbler and Mini-Rig: From the first time you see the Merlin you can tell it has some tricks up its sleeve. Engineered with a recycler design the Merlin maximizes surface area: but pulling water into a higher chamber, it filters the smoke through the water multiple times, thus cooling the smoke for full bodied rips that won’t lead to splash back. Designed with a female joint to place your rolled dry material, the Merlin also comes with a custom-made quartz banger attachment for all of your liquid and solid concentrate consumption.