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  • For Aromatic Blends
  • Pocket Friendly Design
  • One Button Operation
  • 5-Click Battery Lock

What's in the Box

  • G Pro Vaporizer
  • Mouthpiece
  • Filter
  • 5x Filter Screens
  • Cleaning Brush
  • 2x Extended Mouthpiece Sleeves
  • 3x Mouthpiece Sleeves
  • Wired USB Charger
  • Grinder Card

G Pro Vaporizer description

G Pro Vaporizer

A technological marvel offering vaporization in its truest form, the G Pro from Grenco Science is a pocket friendly portable that heats aromatic blends evenly for a satisfying vapor experience.

Easy to Use

One button operation for simple on-the-go vaporization. Deep, easy to load chamber for long lasting vapor. Three variable temperature settings enable a unique and precise vaping experience.

Sophisticated Design

Internal structure is comprised of a heavy duty, stainless steel heating chamber. Pocket friendly portability allows vaping anywhere.

How it Works

Fully charge G Pro. The led indicator will turn green once charged. Remove mouthpiece by applying pressure to either side. Load finely ground aromatic blends to top of chamber and replace mouthpiece. Rapidly click power button 5 time to turn on. Hold power button to adjust temperature: Red = Low, Green = Medium, Blue = High. Once indicator light is green, begin vaporization.


Use included cleaning brush between each load to remove any leftover debris from chamber. For a deep clean, use cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol. Make sure to let chamber fully dry before use.

For more information on the G Pro, visit our Knowledge Base.
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G Pro Vaporizer Reviews

(14 Reviews)
Date: 11/1/2017
Well made-good value
by Marxter

My first vape...stands up with daily use...impressive customer service too...recommendable without question

Date: 8/12/2017
Pretty good product
by Isabella

First of all, let me start by stating that this vaporizer took almost 3 weeks to get to me because of a shipping mix up. With that in mind, the customer support through VapeWorld was extremely friendly and helpful - their willingness to keep me updated and maintain great communication makes it so I'll order from them again. As for the actual vaporizer, it's a great product for the price point. Its very easy to use and produces a good amount of vapor with a very clean taste. I wish the charge lasted longer, but I understand for the size of it and how quickly it heats up, an hour of continuous use per charge isn't a bad deal. If you're new to vaping, or just want it as an alternative method for your herbs and don't want to drop 100s of dollars, I'd recommend the G Pro for sure.

Date: 1/20/2016
Good product
by Paolo

Very solid construction. Easy to use. Best bang for the buck.

Date: 11/9/2015
Solid entry-level piece for the vape-curious
by TheNotoriousMOM

This was my first vaporizer. As an entry level vape, it's a great place to start if you want to try a vaporizer without making a large investment.

Entry level pricing
Easy to use
Works as advertised

Mouthpiece gets very hot and brittle with use
Plastic mouthpiece, so it adds a hint of plastic taste/smell to your vape - this was my biggest problem since that means I'm inhaling plastic and I don't think that's good for anybody
Takes for-ev-errrrrr to heat up
Session duration to charge time and heat up time is a trade-off. Yes, you can passthrough charge, but isn't the point of a portable vaporizer to not be tethered to anything while you use it?

Overall, this is a great unit for the vape-curious. I'm glad I bought it because vaporizing over combustion was so great for me. I've since upgraded to a Firefly for my regular portable vape, but I keep this one as a backup in my stash *just in case*.


G Pro Vaporizer Q&A

Date: 8/3/2015
what are "aromatic blends"? again, looking for something to vape ground [blends]

Aromatic blends can also be referred to as dry material that you would use in a grinder, as opposed to a concentrate which is usually a thicker or stickier substance.

Date: 7/31/2015
I'm new to this just wanted to know if the G Pro Vaporizer has a G tank for [concentrates] as an add on ?

Nope, not yet! The G Pro is made for dry material only.

Date: 7/29/2015
Is this vape a conduction or convection type?

The G Pro vaporizer is a convection style vape!

Date: 7/24/2015
what come package when i pay 89.95 ? how much is it with tax to area code 33025? how long does it take to ship?

With the G Pro vaporizer, you will receive a mouthpiece, filter, 5 x filter screens, a cleaning brush, 2 extended mouthpiece sleeves, 3 regular mouthpiece sleeves, a wired USB charger, and a grinder card. If you order before 2:30 PM M-F, your order will ship that day, and you are eligible for free standard shipping as well with this product.

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