Formula 420 Cleaner

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  • Signature Cleaning Formula
  • Safe For Glass, Metal, & Ceramic
  • Soak Overnight For Best Results
  • 16oz Bottle

Formula 420 Cleaner description

Formula 420 Cleaner

With all-natural ingredients, Formula 420 ensures thorough cleaning of your vaporizer, vape parts, pipes and more in a safe and eco-friendly manner. It's the quickest way to cleanse your ceramic, glass, or metal vaporizer accessories. There’s less mess than traditional methods of cleaning resin and it will leave your room smelling pleasant. Formula 420 cleaning solution is equipped with Abrasive Action cleaning technology, which eliminates the need for intensive soaking and scrubbing.

Formula 420 Cleaner Reviews

Formula 420 Cleaner Q&A

Date: 10/7/2014
Does it leave a smell/residue after use

No, after you clean it, it will not leave any odor or residue.