Formula 420 All Natural Cleaner

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  • All Natural Cleaning Formula
  • Safe For Glass, Metal, & Ceramic
  • 16oz Bottle

Formula 420 All Natural Cleaner description


With all natural ingredients, Formula 420 removes tough build up from your vaporizer or glass pipe with no chemicals.

Formula 420 Cleaner is the quickest way to cleanse your ceramic, glass, or metal. This premium vaporizer cleaner is more effective than traditional methods of cleaning resin and will leave your kitchen with a pleasant hint of bubblegum smell. Formula 420 Cleaner is equipped with Abrasive Action cleaning technology, which eliminates the need for soaking and scrubbing. All you have do is pour Formula 420 Cleaner into your accessory, shake it for about a minute, and rinse.

Formula 420 All Natural Cleaner Reviews

Formula 420 All Natural Cleaner Q&A

Date: 3/26/2014
Can i use this cleaner, or some another cleaner, to clean the internal part of pax vaporizer?

We recommend isopropyl alcohol to clean Pax.