Flytlab H2Flo Elite


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  • Ceramic Oven
  • Water Filtration
  • Air Chamber Control
  • Long Lasting Battery
  • Great Flavor Transfer

What's in the Box

  • Rechageable H2FLO
  • Air Chamber w/ Flow Control
  • Water Chamber
  • Black Mouthpiece
  • FLYTLAB Power Plug
  • FLYTLAB Mini USB Wire
  • FLYTLAB Grinder
  • FLYTLAB Tool Set & Spares O-Rings
  • H2FLO Instructional Manual
  • FLYTLAB Sticker

Flytlab H2Flo Elite description

Flytlab H2Flo Elite Herbal Vaporizer

The advanced Flytlab H2Flo Elite herbal vaporizer uses infused ceramic coil technology that allows your flowers to be heated perfectly in an oven that imparts zero taste. You only taste what you put in the H2Flo Elite and nothing else. Do you prefer water filtration? the H2Flo Elite comes complete with a water filtration unit and an air control unit that allows for unique carburation, and both can use used simultaneously. Want to take the H2Flo Elite on the go? Leave the water and air control units at home and use the H2Flo in its discreet compact form.

How it Works

Grind your herbs to a medium grind and load the ceramic oven leaving a little room for airflow. Close the top and use solo, or add the water filtration or air control units. Press the power button three times to power on, and takes 90 seconds to heat. When the light turns green, the H2Flo Elite is ready to use. Press the power button five times to power the unit down.


Use the included tools to clean the oven periodically. Clean the water filtration air control unit and air control unit with isopropyl alcohol, using care to clean the o-rings with soap and warm water. Clean and rinse all parts thoroughly and allow to dry completely before use.


Warranty Contact

  • Flyt Labs
  • info@flytlab.com

Manufacturer's Warranty for H2Flo vaporizer

Flyt Labs provides a 10 year Warranty on its products, contact them at info@flytlab.com if you have any questions.

Flytlab H2Flo Elite Reviews

(2 Reviews)
Date: 1/13/2017
Enjoy my H2FLO
by Monique

Just got this H2FLO kit for my BF & I, it is truly amazing on how much stuff you get in this kit. I tried many high end vapes previously & the taste of the ceramic oven w/ water attachment just blown our mind! I would totally recommend this to any of my family & friends without a doubt.


Date: 12/22/2016
Love My H2FLO
by VapeQueen

I recently purchased my H2FLO, thro friend's recommendation. I've enjoy my FLO, and been using it everyday,
I think its really amazing, consider so many vape penz i've gone thro in the past.. lol . I'm really happy with my buy, and converting everyone around me. Like to say Brilliant job on the design to FLYTLAB. if you're also looking for a affordable heavy duty vaporizer to get you that clean smooth flavorful MIST!! I def recommend H2FLO . xoxo


Flytlab H2Flo Elite Q&A