Extreme Vaporizer Review

The Extreme Vaporizer is manufactured by Arizer out of Canada.

Some of the parts in the box include an Extreme Vaporizer remote control, (2) Extreme Vaporizer glass mouthpieces, (2) Extreme Vaporizer glass Cyclone bowls, (1) glass potpourri dish, (2) extra screens, (1) Extreme Vaporizer glass stir tool, (2) Inflation Balloons, (2) glass fittings for the balloons, (2) different sized whips and instruction manual.

Durability Claims

The Extreme Vaporizer is made in Canada; the manufacturers Arizer give you a full LIFETIME warranty on the heater and a 2 year warranty on the actual heating unit. For warranty claims and repairs you will have to send the product to Canada which involves duty fees and taxes but most of the time Arizer will just send you the replacement part to save time and money. They really do stand behind their product.

Vape World has had almost zero returns on the Extreme Vaporizer – The unit works well and includes 2 of everything you would ever need or could possibly break… We have knocked ours over on tile before and the cyclone bowl broke but the unit was fine and the heating element was still perfectly intact. Arizer offers a cyclone bowl Tuff™ cover that can help it handle any fall with ease and still fits over the heating element.


The Extreme Vaporizer comes in a cylindrical cone shape made out of dual wall aluminum to help keep the vaporizer housing always cool to the touch. On the actually sturdy base a bright blue digital led display shines at you with your temperature readout, fan speed and more.

You will only want to use the included Extreme Vaporizer remote control; it's convenient and easy to use. You can order another remote separately if you lose it but you can still control the Extreme Vaporizer by the controls on the actual unit as well though they are not as user-friendly or as convenient when using certain attachments.

The Extreme Vaporizer is great for many different occasions and events. For personal use it has the ability to shine with a small water pipe adapter; it allows you to inhale the vapor from the Extreme Vaporizer through your personal water pipe with the added cooling and soothing effect of water and ice if your water pipe has that ability. It is the cleanest way to vaporize.

If you don’t own a water pipe it's still not a problem; you have the option to fill up one of their included Extreme Vaporizer inflation balloons which is also great for when other people might want to use it as well. For an even more personal style you can use the whip and mouthpiece combo to inhale the vapor – this is the most direct method of Extreme Vaporizer vaporization.

With the Extreme Vaporizer aroma bowl, the idea to buy expensive refillable scented plug-ins is completely obsolete. Simply purchase your favorite smelling, plant material or flower and turn the Extreme Vaporizer into a mood setter with the ability to vaporize into the air safely without any harsh chemicals or toxins. 


The Extreme Vaporizer uses only glass parts to expel the vapor to the user. The taste will definitely be one of the cleanest vapors regardless of inhalation method. Again with the added water pipe adapter and the ability to vaporize through water and ice the taste will be even better with a much cooler vapor.  

Ease of Use

With any vaporizer with a forced air system there is very little learning curve. Obviously understanding which way to fill the cyclone bowl with plant material as well as which elbow fits with which inhalation method takes a little time to understand, but nothing more than glancing at the instruction manual will solve that.

The Extreme Vaporizer is no different with many choices of inhalation methods and very few, if any negative things to say about it. Arizer has done a great job in taking the essence of a Volcano vaporizer with the ability to directly inhale the vapor and added a remote control. Vape World really thinks this is a great vaporizer for the money.

Tips and Tricks

Instead of filling the Extreme Vaporizer's cyclone bowl as you normally would, leave it empty, turn the heat up a few degrees higher than normal, finely grind your plant material, and then fill/pack the (dome shaped) screen that sits in the elbow shaped glass piece. You'll be surprised how much you can pack in there, now set the elbow on the bowl as you normally would, let it 'sit and percolate' a few minutes and inhale, that will give you a VERY thick, concentrated vapor.

One of the great things about vaping with the Extreme Vaporizer is the settings are many and the preference is up to you. Once you get comfortable with getting vapor out of your Extreme, play around with the settings to see what you like best. Remember that there is no right or wrong group of settings to use, just what works best for you.