Easy Vape Vaporizer


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  • Ceramic Heating Element
  • Glass-on-Glass Components
  • Digital Temperature Display
  • Hands Free Whip Delivery System
  • Analog Temperature Dial

What's in the Box

  • Easy Vape Vaporizer
  • Whip/Wand Assembly
  • Glass Wand
  • 2.5' Whip Tubing
  • Glass Mouthpiece
  • User Manual

Easy Vape Vaporizer description

Easy Vape

The Easy Vape is a classic box style vaporizer with a modern touch. Its ceramic heating element and glass-on-glass components produce high-quality vapor. The LCD digital display allows you to dial in to a precise temperature every time. The Easy Vape is an economical option for beginners and enthusiasts alike.


Easy Vape comes standard with ground glass technology for a truly enjoyable hands-free experience. The glass wand and heater cover create a perfect seal for smooth vapor on every draw. The analog temperature knob makes it easy to dial in to your preferred temperature, which is conveniently displayed on the bright digital display.

How it Works

Select your desired temperature and allow Easy Vape to heat. While you're waiting, load your blends firmly into the glass wand. Place the glass wand over Easy Vape's glass heater cover and begin to draw. Continue to turn the temperature up throughout your session to get the most out of your material.


For best functionality, be sure to clean and maintain Easy Vape regularly. The glass wand, mouthpiece, and stainless steel screen can be soaked in isopropyl alcohol. The whip tubing will need to be replaced at your discretion; the whip tubing will fill with residue and start to restrict airflow.

For more information on the Easy Vape, visit our Knowledge Base.


Warranty Contact

  • VapeWorld
  • 1 (877) 865-2260

5 Year Warranty

The Easy Vape has a five (5) year warranty, and VapeWorld is authorized to handle all warranty requests and service.

Easy Vape Vaporizer Reviews

(7 Reviews)
Date: 5/30/2016
by Michelle

Only complaint is the dial takes a while to set (over 5 turns) small issue. Works great, true to temp and just has a bit of a learning curve for setting the temp based on amount that is in the glass chamber.

Date: 9/16/2015
Great shipping & customer service!!
by Rodney

Got mine in two days. I was a little bummed when I discovered a broken glass bowl. I called customer service, and in three days received a brand spanken new one. Thank you.

Date: 5/25/2013
Not happy
by Customer Cltrejo@gmail.com

This vaporizer kind of sucks. I called twice and hands down the best customer service experience of my life. These guys deserves a Medal of Honor. But the product not so good at all. Spend more money to get the better product. I really wish I could somehow trade it it to do so.

Date: 1/3/2012
Awsome Vape for the great quality & price, that it is...
by Stevoway

I would recommend this Vape to any beginner and the every 1 hour user, this Vaporizer, is a fine working unit. because it works a wonderfulness. A digital setting for the perfect heat, and mixture blend, My friends...


Easy Vape Vaporizer Q&A

Date: 1/25/2015
What do the numbers represent on the Easy Vape...Degress C or F or what?

The temperature is in Fahrenheit.

Date: 10/25/2014
I did not receive a owners manual. I want one.I would like a warenty card also.

A warranty card is not available for the Easy Vape. If you are in need of warranty services, please contact our customer care department as VapeWorld handles the warranty directly for the Easy Vape.

Date: 9/2/2014
Do you have replacement parts for the Easy Vape? I need the glass piece which goes onto the heating element.

We do not carry the heater cover, but we do carry Whips & Wands for Easy Vape here: Vapeworld.com/box-vaporizers-whips-and-wands-hands-free

Date: 7/25/2014
Are replacement parts available? Or do you repair units?Thank you.

We sell the whip and wand separately in case they break, and you also have a 5 year warranty with your Easy Vape!