Crafty & Mighty Filling Aid


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  • For Crafty & Mighty Vaporizer
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Crafty & Mighty Filling Aid description

Crafty & Mighty Filling Aid Set

Filling Chamber Aid for the Crafty and Mighty.

Crafty & Mighty Filling Aid Reviews

(2 Reviews)
Date: 2/10/2016
Extremely Useful Accessory
by SimpleGuy

The Filling Aid by Storz & Bickel is a fantastic little device. It makes filling my Crafty (of a Mighty, if that's what you've got) a breeze, and pretty much eliminates the potential of accidentally spilling any product. It's very clever how you load your herb on one side, and screw it on to the top of your Crafty (or Mighty) from the other side. It's a shrewd little bit of engineering.

As another reviewer mentioned, you can store a few chambers worth of herb in one of these containers, and if you're like me, you can purchase a few of these to carry around different varieties, so you can load your vaporizer with whatever strain fits your mood.

At under $5, the build quality seems great, but if you do lose it, or if the plastic breaks, a replacement won't break the bank.

I highly recommend getting a few!

Date: 2/24/2015
Surprisingly useful
by Lovelight

Got this with my Crafty and didn't completely understand the utility at first. In addition to making filling very easy, this thing will store about 3 [chambers] full. Grind before you go mobile. Have 2-3 on hand for different varieties. You are set for a day or two. Convenient 2" size to apply labels so you know what variety is in which filling aid.

Not sure if the plastic will last but the design, function, and practicality are really cool. Worst case is I replace these as they wear out. Very well done S&B!


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