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The Trailer Park Boys Collection

Welcome to the finest glass water pipe collection in all of the land! Each piece is decorated with your favorite Trailer Park Boys characters and comes with a matching glass bowl. Place your order before 2:30 PM ET and enjoy same day free shipping!


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Since they debuted Famous Brandz has turned the glass water pipe scene on its head with collaborations from some of the biggest names in entertainment. Each first-rate piece will deliver smooth, flavor rich rips with bold designs and advanced water filtration systems that take your smoking to the next level. Every accessory is made from heavy-duty medical grade Borosilicate glass, meaning your Trailer Park Boys piece is of the highest glass quality available. The founders of Famous Brandz have over 20 years of service in the smoking accessories industry, pair that with their strong relationships with major media partners and you have high quality smoking accessories that let you show your support for some of your favorite smoking-centric entertainers.


The Famous Brandz Trailer Park Boys collection pairs precision glasswork with a tribute to Sunnyvale legends Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles. Premiering in 2001 Trailer Park Boys became a cult classic thanks to its irreverent humor and iconic characters. With 11 seasons and 3 films its safe to say the Trailer Park Boys have earned the right to be a part of your smoking session. Each time you session you’ll be reminded of their consummate staying power and influence, you’d be hard pressed to not turn each smoking circle into a Trailer Park Boys quote-fest once you get your Famous Brandz package.

There is a piece featuring each Trailer Park Boy, and for those who can’t pick a favorite don’t worry: there is a piece with all three of the boys on it so you won’t ever have to choose with Trailer Park Boy to session with.

With 3 pieces in the collection, it’s clear that Bubbles is the #1 Trailer Park Boy. The Bubbles Face water pipe features an hourglass shape and an ice pinch so you can chill your vapor or smoke if desired. Equipped with an 18mm female slide and a 14mm ground glass bowl this water pipe is a breeze to clean. The second piece featuring Bubbles is the “Bubbles Heads” water pipe. The kitty-obsessed savant’s face is spiraled over the entire water-pipe and might just put you into a giggle-fit before you even start your session. This solidly constructed borosilicate glass water pipe sits sturdily in-hand thanks to a shapely neck leading up to a comfortable mouthpiece. The 14mm ground glass allows you to upgrade this piece with any 14mm connection. Finally we have the “Kitty Love” water pipe. Surrounding the beaker are some of Bubbles’ favorite kitten friends, and the glass beads at the top of the tube add a flair of style to this cat-centric water pipe.

Are you the leader among your friends? Always have a foolproof plan without spilling your drink even in the event of a car crash? Then you’re definitely a Julian. Julian’s straight-tube water pipe features lavish while and gold accents, a smoke-soothing ice catcher, and a modifiable 14mm-to-18mm connection. No matter what scheme you’re contemplating Julian’s water pipe will do its best to make sure you’re level headed and ready to see it through to the end.

One of the most quotable television characters of all time, Ricky commands respect anywhere he goes. Whether you’re enjoying “breakfast at bed” or “Phil Cosby” Ricky’s water-pipe is ready. A flared base keeps the Ricky stable, an the shapely top tube has an ice pinch so you can chill your smoke out. Black accents complement the crystal clear borosilicate glass build and Ricky’s presence on the water-pipe will remind you that whatever problem you’re having is just “water under the fridge”.

Finally we have “The Boys” water pipe, for the fan who adores each character equally. Julian, Ricky, and Bubbles’ faces keep an eye on your session while you pass this stylish water pipe among your smoke circle. Sharp black accents give the pipe some style, while still letting you keep an eye on the most important parts through the transparent base. This beaker style water pipe stabilizes your piece from clumsy friends, but maximizes water filtration by increasing the surface area of the soothing water for some serious hydrodynamic cleansing.