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PAX vaporizers boast the latest technology in portable vaporization. With solutions for both dry herb and concentrates, PAX vaporizers offer a plethora of compatibility in a completely portable package. Crafted from unibody aluminum, the smooth designs and clean lines of the PAX vaporizer collection draw easy comparison to Apple products. PAX vapes offer a premium, luxury vaping experience with a portable, approachable, and stylish design that will fit into any lifestyle.


PAX Labs began their domination of the vaporizer industry with the original PAX vaporizer, a portable device that's sleek on the outside and advanced on the inside. The vapor quality was on a par with some of the best vapes on the market, and yet the unit was small enough to hide in your pocket. This marked the start of a new trend of extremely portable and powerful vaporizers.

At that time, large plug-in desktop vaporizers were the most popular devices. This was because the heating technology required to create premium vapor wasn't yet compressed enough to fit into portable units. Vaping was confined to the home. But PAX Labs changed all that for the better with their pocket-sized powerhouse, the PAX vape.

The original PAX vaporizer completely revolutionized the portable vaporizer market. Previous portable options were limited to pen-style vaporizers, which are too small to effectively vaporize dry herb. These early portable vaporizers from other manufacturers would also burn dry herb, negating the positive qualities of vaporizing. The original PAX introduced quality vaporization in the first truly pocketable vaporizer. This revolution in effect changed the landscape of the vape industry. However, as more and more companies pivot towards high-end portable vaporizers, PAX continues its reign by upgrading and releasing new models with the latest technology and features.


PAX vaporizers achieve vaporization with conduction heating powered by an electronic lithium-ion battery. The power source allows the entire PAX vaporizer line to be operated with ease for on-the-go situations or easily concealed for discreet operation.

All vaporizers in the PAX line use a hybrid conduction heating system. Dry herb comes into direct contact with the heating element. Why is this important? Well, the type of vaporization, whether conduction or convection, will directly affect the quality and quantity of vapor delivered by your vaporizer.

The conduction heating found in PAX vapes offers some unique benefits which support its use as a portable device. Conduction systems require much less space to operate—this allows the PAX vaporizer to be smaller and more efficient than other portable vaporizers.

PAX vaporizers heat dry herb directly against the heating element, producing vapor as soon as the element reaches your desired operating temperature. In PAX vaporizers, the heat-up time is significantly reduced through the use of cutting-edge electronics and heating elements. This allows the newest generation of PAX vaporizers, the PAX 3, to heat up in as little as 15 seconds.


The PAX features its own proprietary battery that is integrated into the vaporizer itself. While it cannot be removed or replaced, the PAX battery is constructed from high-grade materials to ensure long-lasting performance. Having an integrated battery offers some advantages over swappable batteries—it ensures that the manufacturer has paired the battery with the exact vaporizer it is intended to be used with. It also protects the user with an extensive warranty.


The PAX vaporizer charger is needed to re-power the battery. This custom piece is exclusive to PAX and will safely charge your battery to maximum capacity in minimal time. The PAX battery charger features a magnetic connection and two prongs which will align with the corresponding contact points on the backside of the PAX vaporizer.

The charger is connected to a power source by way of a micro-USB cord. Simply place the micro end of the USB cord into the proprietary PAX charger and the USB end into either a dedicated USB slot of a computer or a wattage compatible adapter to use the PAX charger through an outlet.


The PAX 2 vaporizer expanded on the capabilities of the original PAX vaporizer by adding an even more powerful battery, an improved precision heating element, and a re-designed set of mouthpieces. Offering a 3000mAh battery and a heat-up time of roughly 40 seconds, the PAX 2 became the preferred portable vaporizer for those looking to take their dry herb consumption on the go. The pocketable form factor and highly-refined design offer intuitive controls while still allowing for powerful operation for all levels of users.


All functions of the PAX 2 vaporizer are conveniently controlled with a single button located on the mouthpiece. If you are having trouble activating the button on the PAX raised mouthpiece, you may want to remove it and directly activate the button or attach the flat mouthpiece instead.

Turn the PAX 2 on by pressing the button firmly. If your PAX is properly charged, it should come to life immediately. You can enter Temperature Mode by holding the button down for a few seconds. Then select your temperature by using short presses.

The selected temperature is represented on the front of the PAX 2 vaporizer by corresponding LED lights. Adjust the temperature from 360 °F-420 °F in increments of twenty degrees, then long-hold the single button and the PAX will begin heating to your desired temperature.

The LEDs on the PAX 2 vaporizer will flash while the unit is heating. When they are solid, your PAX 2 is ready for use.


Packing the PAX 2 vaporizer is quite easy. You’ll first want to make sure that your dry herbs are finely ground. This will help facilitate the passage of air over your dry herb. Then you will want to pack your chamber to the brim. This ensures that the most efficient vaporization takes place.


The PAX 2 greatly cuts down on smells associated with the consumption of dry herb. The PAX 2 is much more discreet than smoking. While there may be a faint smell, it will generally dissipate quickly instead of lingering. To mitigate the smells of PAX 2 even further, use it on lower heat settings.


The PAX 3 vaporizer utilizes a form factor nearly identical to the PAX 2 but introduces many improvements all wrapped in a new finish. The PAX 3 vaporizer is currently the flagship of the PAX line, offering the largest amount of features and functionality. The PAX 3 also introduces custom heat settings and other control options not available in the PAX 2. The PAX 3 is a worthwhile upgrade for users and owners of the PAX 2.


The PAX 3 introduces a battery with a 20% greater capacity in the same small form factor. The PAX 3 has a heat-up time that is more than twice as fast as that of the PAX 2 at a mere 15 seconds. The PAX 3 also has enhanced functionality; the PAX concentrate insert allows you to switch from dry herb to concentrates. The PAX 3 also allows you to load less dry herb and achieve the same efficient vaporization thanks to the half-pack lid. Finally, the PAX 3 vaporizer introduces Bluetooth control, which allows for precision temperature and enhanced performance.


The PAX 3 is not a convection vaporizer. It uses the same rapid, hard-hitting conduction heating that made the PAX famous in the first place.


The PAX 3 can be used with concentrates when combined with the PAX concentrate insert. To use concentrates with the PAX 3, remove the lid to the PAX concentrate tray and add a small amount of concentrate (around the size of a grain of rice). Replace the lid of the PAX concentrate insert and place it in the heating chamber. You may then turn the PAX 3 on at a medium temperature and raise the temperature until you are receiving the size and density of clouds you wish to extract.