Hydrology9 Portable Vaporizer

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  • 2000mAh LiPo Battery
  • Leakproof Water Filtration
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Porcelain Oven Chamber
  • Integrated Stir Tool

What's in the Box

  • Hydrology9 Vaporizer
  • AC Adapter & Charging Cable
  • User Manual
  • Cleaning Kit Set

Hydrology9 Portable Vaporizer description

Hydrology9 Portable Vaporizer

Cloudious is shaking up the industry with the revolutionary Hydrology9 Vaporizer. Meticulous craftsmanship is an instant indicator that this portable vape is like no other. Leak-proof water filtration soothes and cools your vapor, while the integrated oven stir tool ensures your materials are always evenly vaporized. Cloudious9 used only top-notch quality materials to manufacture this premium device, from aircraft quality aluminum that refuses to rust to porcelain oven that combines with the borosilicate glass.

How it Works

Remove the bottom cap/stir tool, and load your freshly ground herbs into the oven. Replace cap/stir tool. Unscrew the mouthpiece, and after ensuring all parts are tightly screwed down, fill the reservoir halfway through the top portion.


Simply unscrew the device and clean all non-electric parts with a microfiber cloth and isopropyl alcohol. Rinse the items with water to remove all traces of alcohol. Allow to dry completely. Use the included cleaning brushes to remove any remaining buildup. Never bring the oven portion of the Hydrology9 near water.


Warranty Contact

  • Cloudious9 Inc
  • 888.508.1839

Manufacturer's Warranty for Hydrology 9

2-Year Limited Warranty Cloudious9 warrants that the materials with which the Product is furnished under normal use will be free from defects in workmanship for a period of two (2) year from the date of receipt. This warranty is valid only for the original purchaser. Some states do not allow limitations on implied warranties, so the above limitation may not apply to you. Cloudious9’s entire liability and your exclusive remedy under this warranty will be return of the defective product or part that does not meet Cloudious9’s limited warranty to Cloudious9 or Cloudious9’s authorized representative with a copy of your receipt. Any replacement Product will be warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period. If a warranty claim is received during this warranty period, Cloudious9 will conduct one or more of the following remedies, at its discretion: (1) exchange the defective part, (2) repair the defective product, (3) replace the product, or (4) refund the full purchase price. THIS WARRANTY GIVES YOU SPECIFIC LEGAL RIGHTS. YOU MAY HAVE OTHERS WHICH VARY FROM STATE TO STATE. Warranty Restrictions This limited warranty is void if failure of the Product has resulted from accident, abuse, neglect, modification, or misapplication. You may not rent or lease the Product, but you may transfer your rights under this Agreement permanently, provided you transfer this Agreement, the Product, and all accompanying printed materials and provided the recipient agrees to the terms of this Agreement.

Hydrology9 Portable Vaporizer Reviews

(2 Reviews)
Date: 1/10/2018
Excellent, especially for new users
by New Med Patient

Between being a new [dry herb] user and also never being a smoker, I wanted a healthy method to take my medication. With vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking, and water filtration cooling the vapor prior to inhalation, I found this to be the perfect vaporizer for me.
The Hydrology makes using [dry herb] easy for a novice, while also having high-quality vapor.
I clean mine about once a week which is pretty quick using a q-tip and isopropyl alcohol.
I did have one issue cracking the glass casing, but Cloudious now offers an acrylic alternative which I am very happy with. Their support was excellent, and after confirming my VapeWorld order, they immediately shipped me a warranty part.

Date: 8/5/2017
Very fancy, for fancy occasions
by Eric Hill

I'm new to this product and have only had it for a few days. It does live up to its promise. If you want the best for special occasions, this is a great vape to use. That being said, it's rare that I need such an extravagant vape. But that's no reason to complain. It's just that when you add water to a vape it makes cleaning often more important. I'm happy with a simpler device, but this thing is quite impressive.

Date: 6/30/2017
Nostalgic Device
by Vapus Maximus

I am consumed with nostalgia and delight. In my earlier years, a bunch of pals pooled together our allowances to get a bong that was the highlight of our summers. After strictly vaping for 3 years, something was missing. I had a great idea but Cloudious9 beat me to it. It delivers like a bong but much smoother. I recommend this for reaching new levels that the traditional vapes do not get me to, outside of concentrates. It is hard to gauge how much you take in, resulting in huge bong like clouds. It does however filter out the unique tastes of strains because of its smoothness. I use my firefly 2 to appreciate the flavors, nothing compares to it. My pax 2 is like the Ak47 of vaporizers, sturdy and always reliable, a must have when engaging in outdoor adventures like mountain biking, kayaking, hiking and camping. I use the hydrology 9 when I want to get to the place that bong rips encourage (the couch or hammock). I think it could benefit from a better charging connection like the newer iPhones use. The battery life allows for 6-8 long sessions. A single session is too long for just me, as I end up coughing my brains out. I prefer a little cough. It was the vape to complete my collection.

Date: 6/4/2017
Refreshing vape with cool features
by Vapelover

I really enjoy using the hydrology9, knowing that the smoke or vapor goes through 2 filters before going into me make me feel more relieved and clean in general about consuming cannabis. Also this device has cool led lights that look awesome in a dark setting.


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