Accessory Spotlight: Vapium Spring Solar Charger

Accessory Spotlight: Vapium Spring Solar Charger

Going camping or hiking and won't be around an outlet for a while, but still want to use your portable vape? Vapium, the creators of the Summit vaporizer have you covered with their solar powered charger!


Reasons we love the Spring Solar Charger:



    • It's designed for the Summit vaporizer, but can be used with any vape or accessory with a USB. Yes, it will charge your phone!


    • It has a high capacity 5000mAh Lithium battery.


    • You can charge your Summit 3-4 times when it's fully loaded.


Solar Charger



    • The Spring charger can be powered by 8 hours of direct sunlight, or only 5 hours via micro-USB.


    • It's splash proof and weather friendly, so if it gets a little water on it, don't fret!


    • It has a built-in LED battery indicator to display the battery level while you're charging it.


    • You can take it anywhere with you with a carabiner! (Shown below)


Solar Charger


Like what you see here and want a chance to WIN a Summit and a Spring Solar Charger? All you have to do is color us something pretty!

For more information on the Summit, visit our Knowledge Base.


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