15 mar 2016

VapeSpotting: Vapes on Television

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VapeSpotting: Vapes on Television

There is no stopping the vaporizer movement now, it's only becoming more and more popular. We've celebrated the word 'vape' becoming the Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year for 2014, and we watched as the legendary Volcano vaporizer made a cameo appearance in This is the End, and Pax in the amazing Broad City. Take a peek at what other shows are displaying some of our favorite vaporizers!

It's a lucky (and exciting) day when we spot a vape appearing on our favorite show.  HBO is home to some pretty amazing programs (cough, Game of Thrones), but it was also one of the first networks to represent vaporizers on television. On the popular series about one particular Nancy Botwin you'll find a Volcano, and on Bored to Death it featured a Volcano as well as the Iolite, a butane-powered vape.

Here you'll see the oh-so hilarious Abbi Jacobson at peace with her Pax in a closet on Broad City. We were so happy to see the girls using their Pax on season 2 as well!

The Haze Vaporizer became popular in mainstream when it was gifted to Oscars attendees earlier this year.  Here, the Haze is shown in Murder in the First on TNT. Additionally, Bill Maher also talked about the Haze and had it on his show Real Time.

 This Volcano was found on True Detective. They didn't even empty the bag! All that wasted, precious vapor...

The Arizer Solo - an oldie but a classic, was spotted on the popular series, Hannibal. We see he went with the bent glass mouthpiece - great choice! ;)

Other vape spottings have been found on the HBO Series Looking, Comedy Central's Workaholics, and even on Conan, when Snoop Dogg gives Conan his very own G Pen!

Where have you seen vaporizers pop up? Did we miss any obvious ones? Let us know! We hope to see a vape end up in the Walking Dead next season. You laugh, but we bet there would be a lot less hostile zombies if they were vaping on a brand new Pax 2... just our thoughts.

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Blue December 12, 2016 at 4:27 pm Reply
True Detective was soooo bomb!

And she did leave the rest there..... such waste!
Shelby December 12, 2016 at 4:27 pm Reply
Haven't jumped on the True Detective train yet myself, but it's on the list!