04 sep 2015

Labor Day Sale: Take a #VapeBreak!

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Labor Day Sale: Take a #VapeBreak!

Treat yourself to something nice, you deserve it! Take 20% off of your order at VapeWorld!

We know you're ready for your 3-day weekend, and we're going to let you finish, but first, a brief history on Labor Day!

Did you know Labor Day actually started in the late 1800's? In New York City, union workers organized a parade where they hoped people would come together and march in celebration of the working people. The celebration was later named "A Day of the People", and it didn't actually become a holiday until 1887.

That's pretty much all we have for you, other than our awesome sale. So go ahead, enjoy your break now that you're all educated and stuff. Let us know what you're up to this holiday weekend in the comments and don't forget all the hard workers out there who are working on Labor Day! Thank you for keeping the world running!

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