07 apr 2017

How To Have A Volcano Party

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How To Have A Volcano Party

Remember way, waaay back to elementary school when you had that science project to make a “volcano” out of paper mache, baking soda and vinegar? That was pretty cool. But, you know what’s so much more dope? A volcano that involves herbal goodness and erupts pure, tasty vapor! Science is one-hundred percent better when it’s puffable. Consider yourself back to class because you are about to get schooled in higher education… this how to have a Volcano Party!

Much like its natural formation namesake, the Volcano vaporizer will amaze, delight and let you reach new heights. Have you ever been to a party where the herbal essences are being passed around, but you have to wait your turn, and the time keeps ticking away because of the reloading and refreshing? The Volcano vaporizer is a party-perfect necessity; you can create as many blissed-out balloons as you want or need, sharing will become optional, the number of times you’ll need to refresh will equal zero, and you’ll be the host(ess) with the most(ess).

For those of you that have been living under an igneous rock, the Volcano is a desktop vaporizer that pumps fresh, filtered air to form a big ‘ol balloon; hot air passes over your aromatic blends or essential oils to create vapor, giving you a party bag filled with cool vapor that’ll send you surfing on some tasty waves. One at a time, attach a valve to the device and fill ‘er up! What forms is a bloated balloon of pure magic - pass the little guy around and watch the puffs happen. With your squad taken care of and the good times rolling, the only thing you’ll have left to do is not float away.

Power up the Volcano vaporizer, cranking up the dial to an optimal temperature. After waiting for the vaporizer to heat up, place your finely ground blend or concentrates into the small compartment, then press a button that releases the vapor into a large bag with a mouthpiece on it. The vapor dissipates quickly, making the blends scent disappear. The user then puffs from the bag. This is a pure, elevated experience, one that has been likened to consuming edible, herbal treats. Expect to taste full-bodied flavor from your blend, not smoke.



  1. Plug the vaporizer into an outlet
  2. Push the HEAT button on
  3. Classic Model: adjust the knob to you desired temperature Volcano Digit: using "plus" and "minus" icons as your guide, set the digits to your desired temperature
  4. Allow the device to heat up for 5 minutes so to reach the optimal temperature
  5. Open the filling chamber and fill with your desired blend
  6. Close the filling chamber and position it back on top of the device, locking it in place
  7. Click the Easy Valve balloon onto the filling chamber
  8. Push the AIR button on, the Easy Valve bag should now start inflating and looking like a balloon
  9. When the balloon is filled to your desired size, push the AIR button again to turn airflow off
  10. Click the mouthpiece onto the Easy Valve balloon
  11. If you want to fill up more balloons in succession, simply attach a new balloon (refreshing the filling chamber as necessary), push the AIR button on, when the balloon is sized to your liking turn the AIR button off. Repeat again and again to fill balloons to your heart's content.
  12. Pass the balloons around and start puffin’

*PRO-TIP: Form an assembly line with your friends, one person grinds, one person loads the filling chamber, and one person operates the Volcano vaporizer filling bags in rapid succession and passing them out to the masses. Volcano bags for all!

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