11 may 2017

G x PIZZANISTA! Limited Edition G Slim Vaporizer Kit

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G x PIZZANISTA! Limited Edition G Slim Vaporizer Kit

Even though they contain the most precious cargo, pizza boxes don't serve much of a purpose after you've unloaded and consumed your melty-mayhem of a pizza pie. But all of that is about to change with PIZZANISTA!. PIZZANISTA! is a revolutionary take, taste, and more importantly, toke on pizza - one that transforms the origami masterpiece of a pie box into a treasure chest of high and smoky booty. Forget pepperoni and onions, this lil’ guy is topped with even tastier gems - accessories that’ll lift you up while your feet are still firmly planted on the ground *wink wink*

Grenco Science has deliciously collaborated with PIZZANISTA! to create a limited edition vaporizer set baked… er, I mean built, on everyone’s favorite munchie, pizza! The standard, boring ‘ol pizza box usually comes adorned with a couple of colored dominos or the name of a guy called Papa, but this lil’ guy cranks up the cool factor and is essentially a canvas to flex creative, albeit pizza-obsessed, muscles. To have and to dough from this day forward, y’all, we proudly introduce the G x PIZZANISTA! Limited Edition G Slim Vaporizer Kit - you get a vape pen, you get a vape pen, err'ybody go get your pizza-licious portable vape pen!

Who or what the f*#k is PIZZANISTA! you ask? Weellll guys and gals, gather ‘round because I’m about to make your taste buds go wild. Founded in 2011 by all-around badass and legendary professional skateboarder, Salman Agah and cool-as-ice art consultant Price Latimer, PIZZANISTA! is a pizza shop that brings out-of-the-box culinary chops to ultimate comfort food. It blends the historic flavor and thin-crust style of New York pizza with California’s abundance of fresh produce and small-batch ingredients.

This pie place is 100% inspired by skate culture; punk rock blasts on the speakers, skateboard magazines are scattered across all of the tables, and collaborative pizza boxes with artists and brands are plastered all over the walls. What I’m trying to get across here buds, is that PIZZANISTA! is basically a skateboard company that just sells dope pizza instead of boards.

G x PIZZANISTA! Limited Edition G Slim Vaporizer Kit is packaged inside a black-light reflective mini pizza box with a sassy pizza slice person emblazoned on top. Once the top is popped open, your eyes will feast on the contents it beholds. The PIZZANISTA! G Slim battery comes equipped with three separate tanks for ground material, liquid, and concentrates, and includes a USB charger. The toppings on this tasty treat are: a pizza slice shaped grinder, rolling tray, two commemorative 3D magnets, and a resealable bag. Portable vaporizer on fiyyaa!

Next time you order a pizza and you see steam coming off the ooey gooey cheese and crispy crust, remember that you can certainly have your pie and smoke it too.


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