25 oct 2017

EYCE Beaker Review

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EYCE Beaker Review

EYCE is the world’s premier silicone smoking product company and innovation is their calling card. They came hard out of the gates with the EYCE 2.0, which is a silicone mold that you fill with water and freeze to make a water pipe out of solid ice! The EYCE 2.0 is a smoke shop staple and even received endorsement from the legendary Cheech and Chong. They soon took their focus to the burgeoning concentrate market with the inimitable EYCE Rig, a fully silicone rig with a beautiful titanium domeless nail. The next offerings they brought to the table were their gorgeous silicone bubblers and spoon pipes, featuring removable borosilicate glass bowls, stash containers and stir tools. The next step in their evolution of products was inevitable, a fully functional silicone beaker style water pipe!

The EYCE beakers come in six gorgeous colors (the one I got was the Smoke Black) and feature the classic beaker design in their platinum cured silicone medium. They really did an amazing job at making sure that this pipe has everything a connoisseur would want. They designed the main tube with a dedicated ice pinch for extra cool smoke, and to aid the ice pinch they added a fully borosilicate slotted downstem, giving lots of diffusion and that clean taste that only glass can offer. There’s a magnetic ring near the bowl that can hold a lighter or stir tool, a large storage area underneath that can fit an impressive stash!

The bowl is a 14mm male slide made of borosilicate and that 14mm female joint on the beaker will accept any 45 degree angle banger with a male joint. Joining all of those wonderful features is a lifetime warranty on the product… I repeat, a lifetime warranty! I cannot think of another smoking product with such a generous warranty!

My EYCE Beaker came in a beautiful window box that had little snippets of information about the pipe on it. They really did an amazing job with the packaging, I felt like purchasing this pipe was an event. Taking it out of the box I felt the weight, which was fairly light all things considered! My other glass beakers weigh about 4x more than my EYCE Beaker, which makes this a perfect unit for travel, especially considering that the majority of the build is virtually indestructible silicone!

I filled the water up inside of the beaker to about an inch above the slits in the diffused downstem. This gave the pipe a nice chug that was very familiar and very welcomed. I loaded up my bowl with a blend of dry herbs and got ready for the ritual to begin!

The smoke billowed inside of the pipe, you can’t really see the percolation happening inside of the water chamber, but the function on the pipe was evident once I pulled the slide out of the downstem and inhaled. The smoke was flavorful and cool, it didn’t have the same rubbery taste that plagues other silicone products made with a lesser quality of silicone. The difference between platinum cured silicone and peroxide cured is huge, the flavor is pristine on the EYCE Beaker.

This is a gorgeous piece that deserves to be in any smokers collection. The retail price is a steal considering the multitude of features that the EYCE Beaker has. I wouldn’t hesitate on this one guys, it’s the truth.

For Use With ConcentratesYES
For Use With FlowersYES
Easy To LoadYES

Written by: JoJo DeStefano

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