Atmos Orbit Vaporizer


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  • For Aromatic Blends
  • Embedded Heating Element
  • Leather Wrapped Grip
  • 5-Click Battery Lock

What's in the Box

  • Atmos Orbit
  • Rubber Mouthpiece
  • Chamber Connector
  • Charger
  • Loading Tool
  • User Manual

Atmos Orbit Vaporizer description

Atmos Orbit

The Atmos Orbit is a true vaporizer for aromatic blends. Its external body is protected with a scratch resistant anodized shell and luxury style leather base for comfortable grip. The high grade ceramic chamber utilizes an embedded heating element that provides quality vapor in just seconds.

How it Works

After fully charging the Atmos Orbit's Lithium-ion battery, remove the chamber connector to load your aromatic blends loosely into the heating chamber. Press the power button firmly for 3-5 seconds then release to begin vaporization. The LED indicator will turn from red to green to indicate that the device is fully heated and ready for use. Press and hold the power button again to deactivate heating.


For best functionality, be sure to clean and maintain the Atmos Orbit regularly. Disconnect battery before cleaning. To clean Heating Chamber, use brush gently around chamber walls. For the rubber mouthpiece, simply wipe with a moist paper towel. Use a small paper clip or pin to clear the airways within the ceramic filter. When the battery is depleted, charge fully before using again to maximize battery life.

For more information on the Orbit, visit our Knowledge Base.

Atmos Orbit Vaporizer Reviews

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Date: 1/6/2015
Such a Good Vape
by JerBear

This vaporizer [is easy to load], easy to clean and not bad at all for its price. My one complaint however is the charge kind of sucks. You get five uses out of it, meaning it stays on and heated until the light turns off for like 5 minutes or so. Your "dry [material]" will last through three of these. You do this five times and then it dies. Doesn't take too long to charge though.


Atmos Orbit Vaporizer Q&A

Date: 1/18/2015
What kind of warranty does the Atmos Orbit have?

There is a 30-day warranty on the Atmos Orbit.