Arizer External Battery Pack

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  • Intended For Use With Extreme Q & V-Tower
  • Provides Up to 6 Hours of Power
  • Portable Battery For On-The-Go Vaporization

Arizer External Battery Pack description

Arizer Extreme Vaporizer External Battery Pack

This External Battery Pack allows you to take many devices, including the Extreme Q and V-Tower vaporizers, anywhere - while you're camping, driving, and traveling.

Environmentally friendly, high quality Lithium-ion battery cells were implemented when this product was designed.

The External Battery Pack offers over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, and short-circuit protection with a 5-hour dormancy period.

Arizer External Battery Pack Reviews

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Date: 3/21/2014
Fifth Weeks
by Moon

This product works wonderfully while not broken, and if you asked me a few weeks back I would've said this was a 5-star product that I definitely will recommend to friends. However, this battery pack lasted me 4-5 weeks and suddenly stopped working. When plugged in, the lights turn on and show that the pack is fully charged (4 out of 4 bars), but once disconnected from the wall outlet no signs of life are shown on the product. When I plug my Extreme Q into in, no light shows on the battery pack, and the Extreme Q refuses to turn on. Also there's a button on the front you can click at anytime to check the battery life, and when clicked while NOT plugged in to the wall, no lights show up on the product. Keep in mind the second I plug it in to charge all four bars of light show that the external battery is indeed fully charged.
Like I said, this product WAS the perfect product if it wasn't for the fact that it broke so soon after my purchase. It was probably worth $30ish bucks to use for 3-4 weeks, and would've easily been worth the $100 if it lasted any longer than 4-5 months, but because it didn't this product IS NOT worth the $100 price point.


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