AEROSPACED™ "Handle" Grinder - 4 Piece

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  • AEROSPACED 4 pc. Grinder / Sifter
  • Specialty "Handle" Series
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Available in 3 sizes

AEROSPACED™ "Handle" Grinder - 4 Piece description

Aerospaced "Handle" Grinder - 4 Piece

VapeWorld.com would like to introduce our new for 2011 4 pc. line of AEROSPACED Handle Grinders. All of these 4 pc. Grinders come with a full lifetime warranty with no glued in teeth to worry about – these are designed from one solid block of Aluminum, like brands you would pay double the price for. A 4 pc. grinder takes what you love about 2 pc. grinders - the amazing grinding abilities and then adds the extra pollen catcher at the bottom as well as a separate place your ground materials fall into. This removes the need to dump your ground materials on to a table or having to grab it from the teeth with a tool or your fingers. AEROSPACED grinder/sifters are great for any material that needs to be reduced for cooking or for vaporization. With over 30 sharp edged teeth on the bottom part and a twisting "weed wacker" style blade system at the top, we guarantee perfect and easy grinds every time. This specialty grinder is a "handle" style with a clear top; which means you place your materials inside the top part of the grinder and crank around the handle easily grinding up your materials. These are great for people who have arthritis or other hand disabilities. They are available in 3 sizes and are also available in Black anodize for a little more money.

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