AEROSPACED 4 Piece Grinder w/ Mill Handle


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  • 4 Piece Grinder / Sifter With Mill Handle
  • Mill Handle Allows For Easy Grinding
  • 3 Sizes: 2", 2.2", 2.5"
  • Includes Scraper

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AEROSPACED 4 Piece Grinder w/ Mill Handle description

AEROSPACED 4 Piece Grinder/Sifter With Mill Handle

This specialty grinder utilizes a mill handle with a clear lid, allowing users to operate the grinder by simply cranking the handle in a clockwise or counterclockwise motion. It is a great option for users who have difficulties manipulating small objects with their hands.

AEROSPACED 4 Piece Grinder w/ Mill Handle Reviews

(3 Reviews)
Date: 10/19/2016
Great for coarse grinding
by manishboy9

This grinder does a fabulous job of producing coarse (and fluffy) material. But if you're looking for a medium grind, you'd be better off with a 4 piece, or an MFLB finishing grinder for fine (although this prepares material for the MFLB grinder really well).

Date: 2/8/2014
by Chris

These work almost perfectly. The only complaint I have is some of the blends can be pushed to the edges of the chamber and escape the blades, but a bit of shaking usually gets it back into the blades and through the holes. The crank is great when you're grinding a larger quantity. 7/10, would buy again.

Date: 7/15/2013
Do not buy
by Austen

Seems as if no testing was done on this product. Handle squeaks and grinder does not work. This makes for a very messy job when you have to pick all of the blends out of the top section, rather than the blends being grinder through the extremely small holes. Spend the extra money and buy a space case because this is a melon.


AEROSPACED 4 Piece Grinder w/ Mill Handle Q&A

Date: 10/16/2014
Do you give discounts when purchased in bulk?? Larry Zakdad6969@gmail.com

If you are looking for wholesale prices, you will need to contact our wholesale department at 877-292-7660. We do have a 10% discount otherwise: the10percent