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Volcano Vaporizer Solid Valve Set

Own a Volcano Vaporizer and do not have a valve set yet? Introducing the original, most popular valve set available for the Volcano Vaporizer; the Solid Valve Starter Set. This Valve Set includes everything you need to get started with your Volcano vaporizer for at least a year.

The Solid Valve Filling Chamber is a cyclinderical chamber that you fill with your herbs. The Filling Chamber Insert is then placed down into the solid valve filling chamber onto your herbs. This setup sits on top of your Volcano vaporizer.

When ready to fill your Balloon with herbal vapor you simply take the Solid Valve connected to your OH Volcano Balloon and click it into the top of the Solid Valve Filling Chamber. This setup is much heavier and sturdy then the Easy Valve Starter Set as well as lets you customize the size fo the Balloon you wish to use. From 1 foot up to 9 foot and beyond - perfect for parties!

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