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Storz and Bickel

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Volcano Vaporizer Easy Valve Set

If you own a Solid Valve Set and want to upgrade to the newer Easy Valve - this is the way you must do it. This Valve Set includes the new Easy Valve Filling Chamber, new Easy Valve screen set with liquid pad and a new Easy Valve Bag set (5 of them). The Easy Valve set is a newly designed valve from Storz & Bickel, the manufacturers of the Volcano Vaporizers. The Easy Valve Set removes the bulky solid valve from being attached to the vapor balloon and keeps the vapor balloon with only a mouthpiece - creating a much lighter balloon assembly that will not break if tossed around. The Easy Valve filling chamber works as a male connector into the vapor balloon removing the need for a bulky valve. The Volcano Vaporizer OEM Easy Valve Filling Chamber. The diameter of the Easy Valve filling chamber is much wider than the Solid Valve Filling Chamber yet shorter giving you more space for air to pass through evenly. Just another improvement over the narrow Solid Valve filling chamber. The downfalls to the new Easy Valve Starter Set are; Easy Valve Balloons cannot be changed by purchasing more Volcano Oven Hose boxes of balloons- you must purchase an Easy Valve Replacement Set. Each Easy Valve balloon will last you at least 2 months though so out of the box you should be good for a year. The entire Easy Valve Assembly is much lighter in weight and therefore feels not as SOLID as the Solid Valve, it can be tipped over much easier than the Solid Valve due to it's light weight.
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