Aluminum Vaporizer Carry Case

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  • For Any Vaporizer
  • Protective Inner Padding
  • Aluminum Shell
  • 15.5" x 9.75" x 10"

Aluminum Vaporizer Carry Case

The Aluminum Vaporizer Carry Case is a perfect fit for any vaporizer. Its protective aluminum shell and soft padding helps keep its contents safe in any environment. The impact-resistant case includes a swivel handle, two high quality locking mechanisms, and two removable dividers.

Q & A
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Date: 1/10/2015
Do the standard locks actually LOCK with a key or do they simply LATCH without locking?

The standard lock carry case actually does come with a key!


Aluminum Vaporizer Carry Case Reviews

2 Reviews

Date: 7/2/2014
Not bad.

Most of the outside of the case (including the handle) is made out of a hard plastic that seems durable and looks nice. All the corners and edges of the case have aluminum covers over them, which makes the case even more durable with a robust look.

I ordered this case with the number scroll locks. The scroll locks feel pretty flimsy but they get the job done well so far. My biggest complaint is that, sometimes, the numbers can get tough to scroll. This can get very annoying and frustrating, especially when it's holding the almost perfect and aesthetically beautiful Volcano vaporizer.

Opening up the case, the roof of the case is very well padded. The remainder of the inside is very minimally padded. The very thin and soft inside material is not cut or glued well to the case's walls, making the case seem cheap. Although, it's not that bad and does not cause any problems for me. It is the same case with the dividers. They tend to move out of place, which is frustrating. I think I'm just going to make my own dividers.

If you are looking for ultimate padded protection for your vaporizer, go with the soft case option that Vapeworld also sells. If you want a better looking case that fits all your stuff in a more organized fashion (compared to the soft case), then get this case. I have a friend with the soft case and I went with this case after seeing it. I have not been disappointed so far.

Happy vaping!

Reviewed by Kyle
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Date: 4/29/2014
Good, but not great.

Owned product for 6 months.

I purchased this product in December, and used it for traveling with my Volcano. After very limited use, by February the separating panels inside had pretty much worn down. They are still usable but they tend to move around a bit and usually end up crooked. They are pretty flimsy.
My only other complaint would be when I purchased the pictures did not have the metal Aerospaced tab in the pictures, so the case is a little less sleek than I'd imagined. That issue has been rectified in the images at least, well done Vapeworld..

Aside from this, the case is fairly sturdy and nice-looking. The padding is ample and functional. It's not usable to 100% proficiency unfortunately because with the quality of the dividers I received, I'd assume they WILL wear out and rather quickly for most users. YMMV.

I have not used the locks very much (I left the guards on), but their operation seems reliable. The wheels do seem a bit flimsy, but I'm not expecting Fort Knox. They seem adequate.

Ultimately, If looking for an inconspicuous carrying case I'd recommend the Gym Bag looking alternative. This case is however durable (despite the dividers) and seems like it will hold up well for purposes of safe storage and not necessarily sleek for travel without some minor modification, but it will suit these purposes to at least satisfaction. I am happy I purchased on sale.

Reviewed by ross
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2 Reviews