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VaporGenie Vaporizer

VaporGenie - Oak

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Available now! Ships same day on orders placed M-F before 2:30pm (ET).


  • Traditional Design
  • Constructed of Maple Wood & Stainless Steel
  • Utilizes Indirect Heat From Filter to Create Vapor
  • Many Color Options Available



The Classic VaporGenie blends modern vaporization with traditional design. Perfect for on-the-go use, the VaporGenie is portable, lightweight, and ready for use in seconds. The Classic VaporGenie utilizes a flame source such as a lighter or hemp wick to heat its ceramic filter and create smooth, flavorful vapor.

How it Works

Unscrew top and load finely ground blends into the chamber. Replace top and begin to apply flame from a lighter or hemp wick, making sure not to touch the flame to the ceramic filter directly. You can control the temperature by changing your speed of inhalation and adjusting the amount of flame applied.


For best functionality, be sure to clean and maintain your Classic VaporGenie regularly. Isopropyl alcohol can be used to clean stainless steel components, but not on top or bottom pieces made from wood. Cleaning the ceramic filter is not necessary as long as the VaporGenie is used correctly.

What's in the Box

  • Classic VaporGenie
  • Removable Mouthpiece
  • Top With Ceramic Filter
  • User Manual
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    VaporGenie Vaporizer Reviews


    92% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (12 out of 13)
    Date: 10/27/13
    Great, smooth experience

    You use less product, no odor...it's perfect especially for dorms. I highly recommend this device. Also vapeworld is amazing -- fast shipping, no problems whatsoever.

    Reviewed by coedny
    I Would Recommend This Product to a Friend!
    Date: 10/10/13
    Cool for the price, but w/ a learning curve.

    The only issue I have with it would be controlling the flame to get a decent draw, since you can't see how far its going down.. (granted, this could be fixed just by buying one of their glass models and I'm regretting not thinking of this) When you pull too hard, the flame will touch the filter, and screw up the taste. Not to mention, VaporGenie claims that this is harmful to the screen but I haven't noticed any difference. I've even slightly lit my blends once or twice. A mirror can speed up the process of getting a feel for it, but fluid draws are still hard to come by when you cant see into the chamber. I use mine with a hemp wick which greatly improves the taste in my opinion, and it saves you from going through so many lighters.. Overall, would recommend a glass one to people who don't already have an electric vape, or cant afford one. I'm contemplating going electric as I'm getting tired of how tedious it can be to draw at the perfect speed.

    Reviewed by Aloofer
    I Would Recommend This Product to a Friend!

    Lifetime Warranty

    All VaporGenie products are sold with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty covering product defects and unreasonable failures. If your VG comes apart, cracks or otherwise fails with normal use, VaporGenie will replace it. All we ask is that you send us a picture of the failure via the form on our website or by email. You do not need to return the broken VG.

    There are some exceptions to the VaporGenie warranty: Soot-clogged filters are not covered, because soot accumulation is a result of improper use. Generally, damage caused by misuse such as burning your VaporGenie are not covered.

    Warranty Contact

    • VaporGenie
    • (888) 882-7698
    • Support@VaporGenie.com