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Silver Surfer Vaporizer


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Available now! Ships same day on orders placed M-F before 2:30pm (ET).


  • Inverted Ceramic Heating Element
  • Glass-on-Glass Components
  • Hands Free, Standard & Spherical Heater Covers
  • Analog Temperature Dial
  • Carrying Case Included
  • Base Color May Vary


Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Silver Surfer is a highly customizable, top performing desktop vaporizer. Choose from a wide array of colors, designs, and heater cover options to create your perfect vaporizer. Every Silver Surfer features a hand blown glass temperature dial, heater cover, and wand, each individually crafted in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Silver Surfer Vaporizer utilizes a high quality ceramic heating element and glass-on-glass components for high quality vapor.

Heater Cover & Wand Options

Silver Surfer is available in 3 different heater cover and wand styles. Each wand is compatible with corresponding heater cover only.

Standard Glass

Standard Glass heater cover and wand allow you to manipulate where hot air passes through your blends. Simply angle the wand in various positions for thorough vaporization without the need to stir your blends.

Ground Glass

Ground glass heater cover and wand allow for hands free vaporization. No need to hold your wand up to the heater cover! This wand fits directly into the heater cover for a perfect seal every time.

Spherical Ground Glass

Spherical ground glass heater cover and wand allow for a perfect ground glass seal with the ability to angle the wand in various positions. This option provides thorough vaporization without the need to stir your blends.

How It Works

Turn on Silver Surfer and set to your desired temperature. Once temperature has been reached, load finely ground blends into the glass wand and connect to the glass heater cover. Begin to draw at a medium to fast pace for best results.


For best functionality, be sure to clean and maintain Silver Surfer regularly. All glass components can be soaked in isopropyl alcohol. Replace stainless steel screens and whip tubing often for best taste and airflow.

What's in the Box

  • Silver Surfer Vaporizer
  • Whip / Wand Assembly
    - Glass Mouthpiece
    - 3' Whip Tubing
    - Glass Wand
  • 3x Replacement Screens
  • Stir Tool
  • Padded Travel Bag (Colors Vary)
  • User Manual
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Silver Surfer Vaporizer Reviews


100% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (13 out of 13)
Date: 10/29/13
Surprisingly good

Had a Silver Surfer Vaporizer,I believe it was this model because of the logo's. But regardless I was expecting to be disappointing by this Vaporizer. You must be very cautious when in use and try not to draw it or knock over almost like a glass water pipe. Only one worth spending money on that I've used and had the DIGITAL VOLCANO VAPORIZER. It's a great product and works but it has glass pieces too so glass eventually break's. I WOULD SUGGEST NOT TO LEAVE IT EASY ACCESS IN YOUR ROOM or anywhere where are. People who don't know how to use it tend to think they can figure it out but they usually can't and sometime's I use just say i will load it and you just inhale when i tell you and see vape by SLOWLY INHALING the tube when Glass is not plastic and or metal and will eventually break or chip. :( For home use I LOVE THE DIGITAL VOLCANO HANDS DOWN BEST THING EVER! I would rate this has number 2 right behind the Digital Volcano because if DONE CORRECTLY you get almost the exact same kinda draw from the Volcano! But if you can't spend that much on Valcano GET AN ATMOS-A PEN (510) VAPORIZER.Great for driving and concerts!!!

Reviewed by Mex
I Would Recommend This Product to a Friend!
Date: 2/3/13
Very happy

Ordered on a Sunday. Hadn't shipped by Mon eve, so I called. The rep took matters very seriously. Seems the color was on backorder. I expressed my desire to have the vape over color choice. Not only did she help, she helped me upgrade shipping, and I recieved it the next day, and in the color I wanted! Great customer service! The vape itself is wonderful. Works as designed, and has saved my lungs! Bravo!

Reviewed by Orm
I Would Recommend This Product to a Friend!
Silver Surfer warranty is valid only when purchased through an authorized retailer such as Vape World.

Warranty Contact

  • 7th Floor
  • 1 (866) 835-6418
  • customercare@7thfloor.biz

3 Year Warranty

The SSV now comes with a lifetime warranty on the housing and base. This does not cover wear and tear or customer neglect. Manufacturer provides a 3 year warranty on all electrical parts, and 30 day warranty on all glass on the SSV unit (Glass heater cover and Glass Temperature Control Knob.) For glass warranty, please take a picture and provide to manufacturer to illustrate what’s broken.