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Monthly newsletters via email now-a-days are a nice way for big conglomerates to spam you to death with bi-WEEKLY emails about some product that you don’t want or need. What happened to the monthly newsletter you originally wanted? Now you’re getting them almost every day! This ends up getting to the point where you hate the company, mark the e-mail as spam and never see it again or have to go through the hassle of un-subscribing – listen, it happens to us too.

That’s where the’s true MONTHLY newsletter comes in to play. A legitimate vaporizer newsletter created with 2 things in mind – inform you of new products and what the Vape World team is up to. We send it ONCE a month only, have a very easy and safe subscription service and only include pictures with easily accessible links to the products we are talking about. Vape World never sells any of your information to lead generating companies – your email is safe with us forever.

Our breakdown on the vaporizer newsletter is simple – Vaporizer of the Month, which links to the front page of and is chosen by us either by extreme popularity or if it is a brand new vaporizer for us.

The middle section of our newsletter includes a blurb or too about hot selling products and what the Vape World Team is up to for the month. We attend 2 shows every month all over the nation so it is a good place to see where we will be in case you wanted to meet us or get an extra good deal in person on some vaporizers. Where the Team is going is also available on our Blog and is updated weekly on new stuff going on in the vaporizer industry as well.

Our final part of the MONTHLY (keyword is monthly) Newsletter is an exclusive Vape World coupon that changes every month and is always a good deal. $10-$15 off orders, free upgrades, free Space Case Grinders, and free Digital Scales as well.

So if a true once a month newsletter, that is completely spam free and includes only great pictures and relevant information sound like something you would want, go ahead enter your email address below and stay up to date with the Vaporizer Movement. thanks you.