Arizer Glass Tuff Bowl

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  • Designed For Extreme Q & V-Tower
  • Glass Tuff Bowl With Flat Screen
  • Same As Cyclone Bowl With Added Protective Sleeve
  • OEM Arizer Product

Arizer Glass Tuff Bowl

Same as the Cyclone Bowl, but isurrounded with high impact material to protect the glass from shattering. The Tuff Bowl features 18mm ground glass on both ends for an easy connection between the Arizer Extreme-Q or V-Tower and Elbow Adapter, for whip or balloon usage. Simply load your blends onto the screen for an optimal vapor experience.

Q & A
question(s) from the community
Date: 4/9/2015
I have the V-Tower and I see this can be used for the balloon attachment. Can I use this to adapt a balloon bag to my V-Tower?

No, the V-Tower cannot be used with balloons, just a whip.


Arizer Glass Tuff Bowl Reviews

3 Reviews

Date: 7/31/2014
Paying more for less.

As other reviewers I expected this to be a heavy duty version of the original,it is not,if anything it's weaker.Baring accidents the originals last for ages,this cracked first time it was heated.All the rubber hose does is keep the broken glass together for easier disposal!Buy the original!

Reviewed by PoorOldSoul
Date: 12/27/2013
ESSENTIAL for Extreme Q

This bowl is ESSENTIAL for the Extreme Q. All other bowls get too hot and will burn your fingers if you touch them. The tuff bowl has survived many falls -even on ceramic tile! I highly recommend the tuff bowl.

Reviewed by Vapette
I Would Recommend This Product to a Friend!

3 Reviews

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