Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

The VapeWorld team is committed to exceeding your highest expectations and ensuring every customer is 100% satisfied. Our goal is for VapeWorld to be your exclusive destination for all of your vaporization needs.

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We truly appreciate the opportunity to work with you. If you have previously placed an order with us, we would love to hear about your experience! Please take a moment to tell us what you think of our service. Your feedback is highly valued and will be used to identify opportunities for improvement.

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It is a pleasure to deal with a company that actually CARES about customers. I look forward to continuing our relationship.
Katelyn M. (NJ)

I couldn't be any happier with the customer service people at VapeWorld! This is a top notch company that sells the most cutting edge products out there. Also, I have to mention that the Firefly is amazing!!!!! I give 6 stars for the whole experience.
drewchiro, Reseller Ratings

Now THIS is customer service!
Ryan M. (ID)

I would first and foremost like to mention the amount of respect I have for you, and the rest of VapeWorld's staff. I've noticed how quickly you all reply to your customers, and how much effort each of you put in to guarantee our satisfaction. I can't tell you how relieving that is, to find a company so devoted to the consumers. I wouldn't doubt you receive e-mails much like this every day, but I thought I'd add myself to the list in showing my honest gratitude.
Ashley H. (MN)

This company should run the world. Never a problem always steady and on time I love VapeWorld
tautog59, Reseller Ratings

Unexpectedly very very quick shipping. I love how VapeWorld has everything you could ever need for whatever you buy with the click of a button. I purchased the Pax vaporizer. Very impressed. Its my baby. I am forever a loyal customer of VapeWorld. They have great customer support, you can ask anybody. If theres one thing that I could say to VapeWorld...I love you. I look forward to working with you again. Thank you.
Allen S. (NY)

Just want to say that thanks to VapeWorld’s customer service I am an extremely satisfied customer. You guys and gals are good ;)
Carlos G. (FL)

Customer service was excellent. I had some questions that I began thinking about late at night before going to bed and received a response early in the morning. I was able to exchange conversation with a customer service rep that continued to get back to me very quickly. They were very helpful. Have purchased multiple products from them and hope to again in the future.
ep1388, Reseller Ratings

VapeWorld's site was quite helpful in helping me select the vaporizer that suited my needs. I found a lower price elsewhere so I contacted your customer service, and I promptly received a pleasant email telling me that VapeWorld would indeed price match the deal I referenced and instructed me on how to place an order. I purchased the Arizer Extreme Q on a Friday and it arrived Tuesday. Your service was exceptional and I am highly satisfied. I will encourage my friends to consider purchasing from VapeWorld in the future, as I suspect I will again. Five stars!
Andrew E. (MA)

Just wanted to commend your team on outstanding service!
Josh Z. (WY)

I do a lot of online shopping and this was by far the best customer service I’ve had in the last few years. You directly answered my question and offered follow up solutions. Good customer service is crazy rare these days and I'm sorry to admit but I wasn't expecting VapeWorld to have better over-the-phone help than many other major online retailers I shop with. Thanks again!
Sarah H. (MA)

I inadvertently ordered the wrong model and VapeWorld was very prompt and helpful in addressing my problem, with return instructions and sorting out my order for me. I was pleased with the overall experience.
ebdotkom, Reseller Ratings

I have had nothing but exemplary customer service from VapeWorld. Your reps have been prompt and extremely pleasant to contact!
Dylan S. (Australia)

Fantastic product from a fantastic place. I tell friends of mine to visit this site and I recommend to anyone who reads this
airmanao21, Reseller Ratings

I could not have asked for a better customer service experience from our chat. I was put off initially by the fiasco, but you quickly addressed every issue I had. You have a customer for life and I won't hesitate to send people your way. Thanks again!
Jeffrey S. (VA)

Everybody at VapeWorld was super helpful and answered all of my dumb questions with no hesitation. It was awesome and I will definitely be ordering from them in the future.
conwerd, Reseller Ratings

WOW. You are the BEST THANK U!!!! Great example of good customer service.
Arthur S. (MA)

Great customer service by telephone. Would recommend highly.
nekonmick, Reseller Ratings

Simple, quick and worth every penny. Free gift is great but most importantly, I'd shop with them again and would highly recommend them.
encuello, Reseller Ratings

My typical attitude towards interacting with customer service is one of dread. My experience with VapeWorld's customer service was easy, efficient, and eerily pleasant. VapeWorld has the best customer service representatives I have ever come across. Thank you for doing business so well.
Akash K. (MD)

VapeWorld has always been top notch in products and customer service.
onicat4jhp, Reseller Ratings

Is it any wonder VapeWorld proudly displays the seal of approval from the Better Business Bureau [BBB] on their home page? These folks are amazing! Rest assured that when ordering from this company you will be treated professionally and your product shipped promptly.
lonewolferod, Reseller Ratings

Service was ridiculously helpful and super friendly! The support and attention to detail will definitely make me recommend VapeWorld to my friends.
Zeke M. (CA)

Everything arrived in good order as advertised. Even with the free shipping option, tracking of the package was right on. I cannot wait to start vaping with my new Pax ; )
michael-373, Reseller Ratings

If only ALL companies could have as efficient and responsive customer service department!
Lcovington23, Reseller Ratings

I love my relationship with VapeWorld. It all started with you helping me move away from combustion and investing in the Pax vaporizer. The service since has been so wonderful. I've learned a lot, have been made to feel totally looked after, and enjoyed all of my customer support issues since your initial help in my purchase. Last night inspired me to give the same level of service to my own retail customers. VapeWorld could teach customer support anywhere in the world because you have awesome professionals with a real natural and sincere personality. Thanks for everything!
Ron S. (CA)

Been a fan and loyal customer for YEARS! 5/5
gazhalim, Reseller Ratings

Your staff has been prompt, efficient, knowledgeable and so easy to deal with.
Avan J. (VT)

I had difficulties using my card on their website, so I had to call their service line and speak to a rep. The rep was able to help me determine the problem with my card, that only took a call to the bank to fix. He also gave me a discount for my trouble with the website. Overall, the most pleasant experience I have ever had in customer service.
Zm51172, Reseller Ratings

My experience with VapeWorld has been epic. Everyone has been so helpful and very knowledgeable about products and accessories. To the point that I have created an online post stating how awesome it is to deal with you all at VapeWorld. I dealt with three awesome reps and they were all phenomenal. All three helped me with accessories, tips, issues, ect. So on my behalf, please get them something to show them appreciation. I suggest something sweet, maybe chocolate or cupcakes. I'd be more than happy to buy that for them, that's how good my experience was!
Sammy Q. (NJ)

My item was received much faster than I expected and it was exactly as represented. Perfect.
eric-450, Reseller Ratings

I must say that I'm very impressed with your customer service, so much, that i will be placing an order soon, even though i can buy the same products from another retailer in the UK! has set a standard of service that others can learn from and should adhere to. There are a few things that a customer will consider when buying - other than the product itself - and your reps ticked those boxes and gave me great confidence in your company.
Jubair A. (UK)

Excellent service!!! fast shiping!!! Customer care was spot on.
Nick M, Reseller Ratings

The Volcano Vaporizer looks like it should be in my kitchen; like a high-end stainless appliance!
Christopher (FL)

Have ordered from them twice, shipping was fast both times. A piece from my second order arrived broken. They replaced it quickly and professionally. Customer service is excellent. Would definitely order from again.
somnium72, Reseller Ratings

I received a e-mail from responding to a question I asked. The response was friendly, polite, and complete. I'm totally satisfied.
Hans M. (CA)

Fast shipping and a real pleasure.
creativedrums, Reseller Ratings

Hi, let me start off by saying how great you guys have been, I got the Easy Vape 5 Digital from a friend for my birthday and love it. Glad he went to VapeWorld cuz I got a grinder with it too! Love this vape.
Martin (RI)

Great product and a smooth transaction with fast shipping Thanks VapeWorld.
usrice, Reseller Ratings

The employees were kind and helpful at every moment, in every email. The site is clean and easy to browse through, offering many options and customization, even an online chat to solve any questions. I'm glad I found VapeWorld, because I doubt any other store could have assured me so much satisfaction and quality service.
kirera, Reseller Ratings

Your customer service has been EXCELLENT. I have purchased Pax vapes, a ViVape, an Arizer Solo portable, and misc. parts, and currently have the Plenty vaporizer on order. This has been during the past couple of months. E-Mails are timely. Shipments arrive quickly and the tracking is easy and most importantly, the items purchased are in the box! Again, you and your team are doing a GREAT JOB! Thanks for being so easy to deal with.
John J. (KS)

I was leery about ordering online, but your rep made it discreet & easy. Thanks, looking forward for my order.
Lawrence M. (OK)

Amazingly quick turnaround. Product exactly as described. Top marks!
ckliment, Reseller Ratings

Awesome vaporizers! Awesome shipping! Awesome Customer Service! I love my Extreme Q Vaporizer! VapeWorld is great!
Joshua (TX)

Products rocks! Service was fantastic!!
info-100, Reseller Ratings

You have been unfailingly friendly and effective in straightening out problems that were not created by you. You have been clear and prompt in your communication with me. And although it was not necessary, you graciously provided me with complimentary screens. These are the reasons that I will continue to patronize VapeWorld.
Samantha R. (CA)

Honestly my single favorite online store to do business with! Outstanding selection, customer service and easy to use online ordering, immediate shipping (and I always go with the free shipping) - plus the some of the best pricing you'll find anywhere!
ackaiserman, Reseller Ratings

Every time I buy from VapeWorld they have the best customer service and pricing. I wouldn't go anywhere else.
Kaiwho, Reseller Ratings

Thanks for taking care of me so fast and for taking the time to follow up with me and keep me in the loop.
Tyler D. (Canada)

Super fast shipping! Excellent low prices! Purchased the Magic-Flight Launch Box and it is The BOMB!! I was very happy that it came in a very discreet box too. I highly recommend VapeWorld and the MFLB. In fact, I have already told all my peeps about VapeWorld since they tried my MFLB and wanted to buy one of their own. Thanks VapeWorld!
kingsingpro, Reseller Ratings

Fast transaction! Great top rated vaporizer! Super fast shipping, I mean same day by 2:30? That is unheard of!!
Justin (CA)

VapeWorld had the products that no one else had and delivered them seamlessly.
msalmon312, Reseller Ratings

Quick and true to your word! Satisfied and future repeat customer!
nep2nes, Reseller Ratings

My order shipped the same day and after emailing VapeWorld a question about the vaporizer their customer service team emailed me back almost immediately. Fantastic service, lowest prices, great website. Thank you so much.
Gabe S. (AZ)

Probably the best customer service I have ever experienced. So considerate to the situation and helpful.
rachellit, Reseller Ratings

Again, you guys are the best, so you know I will be back as you are officially my vape family. I wasn't sure at first because this is my first time using a vaporizer, and first time dealing with your company. All I can say is I now know where to get my vape needs, and if you need to post this for the non-believers be my guest! I have your backs... me and my new Vapir vaporizer.
Mike (TX)

Thank you very much for all the research and information on my order. Like most people, I shop a lot on the internet… and I have never had such positive client support as you provided!
Ron L. (NC)

Perfect - prompt communications regarding status of shipping, delivered on time and in perfect condition.
ksschmitt, Reseller Ratings

I shopped around and found the Vapir at VapeWorld for a competitive price, plus a freebie. I received my shipment faster that I thought I would.
mcrumbles, Reseller Ratings

I would like you to know how impressed and satisfied I am to have worked with your reps. They were extremely helpful, pleasant and patient. Because of your excellent service and demeanor I will continue to shop at and proactively recommend your company to others.
David H. (CA)

You had what I needed at a better price than anyone else. The website was easy to use & checkout was fast. I get my order quickly and my order had glass but it arrived safely. Thank you I will shop you site again.
cryde, Reseller Ratings

My order was received & processed. I got immediate feedback on where my order was in the process. I tracked my package and knew exactly when it would arrive and it arrived exactly on time. Thanks. The product is exactly perfect and I am very had glass parts that were well packed so they arrived without any cracks or damage. Thanks again! Great company!
rcowan45, Reseller Ratings

VapeWorld responded quickly to my emails, addressed all my problems, and went above and beyond the call of duty to help me.
Cody K. (TX)

This is the second time I have purchased products from VapeWorld but this time I was so glad I was on their contact list or I never would have seen this sale on the Launch Box,which is exactly what I was looking for.I was looking for something to take to the beach and also in the condo when we go to the beach with family. Once I got it it was like xmas morning. This is going to work out perfectly with the stealth design and having already owned a vape unit that it was easy to get used to the battery ignition which I totally love!!This is the best thing since blends themselves.I would order again and this last order was shipped within hours and I got it three days later with regular shipping also the package was discrete as I have family around.Great job
blend master, Reseller Ratings

The Vapir One 5.0 vaporizer is a great hand held vaporizer! I plug it in and it is heated and ready to use.
Christina (AZ)

I am writing in to inform you of the most splendid experience I had on the phone. I felt compelled to write you and thank you for the experience. I had a great experience calling in. I did not wait on hold hardly at all and your employee showed the up most professionalism. I have been extremely satisfied by your company across the board and feel you are a model company among a market of prototypes. Keep up the good work & please let your rep know how much easier he made my day. I am a very satisfied customer.
Tommy H. (CA)

Very informative website. I appreciate the video information on assembly of the vaporizer.
Russ4lol, Reseller Ratings

VapeWorld is my new favorite online retailer, they have the best customer service and when you mess up an order they are more than happy to fix it for you. They are more than just a retailer it seems they value customers more than profit margins and I will always be a loyal customer. The delivery is fast, salespeople are don't try to sell you on just one product and are well informed about what vaporizers are best suited for each individual whether it be a bag, whip or both. Thanks guys, I am impressed which is very hard to do.
einsvilla, Reseller Ratings

Thank you for taking the time and being so kind, patient and resourceful. You were a gift. VapeWorld is my new company.
Irene L. (WV)

I just wanted to express to everyone about how satisfied I was with this company. I tried ordering from a few others before I found this site and all I was getting was jerked around. The customer service from VapeWorld was incredible! There is no need to shop from anyone else when it comes to vaporizers! Thank you so much for letting me feel at ease while ordering online and not having to worry about my money being stolen or the wrong items being delivered. Hands down to you!
Jake (MA)

Shipping was fast, considering it was free. The free gift was great. All around, a good experience.
mrhappy47, Reseller Ratings

Just wanted to send a quick note on my great experience with VapeWorld. I've ordered stuff from you guys in the past and I keep coming back because your ability to get it done, business sense, and courtesy are all top notch. I ordered a Firefly vaporizer today and your Rep did a few really nice things for me and was very prompt in her responses and gave me many good reasons to keep giving VapeWorld my business in the future.
Drew B. (FL)

I received my order in 2 days! Everything was simple and discreet.
bpknrd, Reseller Ratings

The Black version IOLITE WISPR 2 vaporizer seems to be improved, and it has worked great. No problems. I prefer black since it does not draw attention to it like the other colors. Great vaporizer and would recommend to anyone who wants portable vaporization capabilities. Dealing with VapeWorld through both versions of the IOLITE has been great with super fast responses to my emails and friendly and knowledgeable people on the phones too.
Jaron (CO)

VapeWorld ROCKS!!! They could teach a lot of big companies some really good customer service skills!! Thanx
Shenna, Reseller Ratings

A thousand thank you's for all your hard work and dedication. After my initial disappointment with my purchase, you went out of your way to guide me in the proper use of my Pax. I have since made a second VapeWorld purchase, all thanks to your efforts to make sure I was a satisfied customer.
Donald T. (PA)

I was very impressed at the fast delivery. Took only three days with free shipping.
vinnigan, Reseller Ratings

All I can say is… it was like Christmas only months early when I got your vaporizer package. Could the Extreme Q Vaporizer work any better?!? What a great looking vaporizer.
Drew (NY)

Quick, discreet service. Never disappointed! Great online store. A+++
rpage18, Reseller Ratings

The Volcano Vaporizer is the greatest invention of mankind! Well at least in a long time!
Robert H. (PA)

Had several questions about my order after placing it. All were answered promptly by customer service via chat on website.
hights7429, Reseller Ratings

Hello I ordered a vaporizer from VapeWorld and randomly chose a color. When that color was not available they contacted me immediately to let me know. They gave me options to resolve this, I chose a different color and less than an hour later was emailed that it had been shipped. I got a well packed box in which I found a few bonus gifts for the color change. I will use VapeWorld again for my vaporizer needs and refer all my friends to VapeWorld. Thank you.
Michael (WA)

I just wanted to say... Thanks. No excuse, no time for play type of service is all a man like me could ever ask for, and you guys delivered that and more. Any issues I had were fixed in minutes, and the Da Buddha vaporizer was simple, easy and extremely effective (once you get your temp right which takes only seconds). ..Thanks again!
Mike D. (FL)

After a few miscommunications (mostly on my part) I can honestly say that the service department for VapeWorld is second to none. Anything that was unclearly communicated was rectified many times over and I was provided with outstanding resolution to the issues that occurred. VapeWorld went way above and beyond what I had sought to satisfy me and it is greatly appreciated.
jodsdaddy, Reseller Ratings

Excellent service, product was delivered in three days. Would recommend products and quality to anyone. Yippee VapeWorld. :)
J.L. (OR)

First I wanted to start by saying thanks. I ordered an Extreme Q vaporizer from you guys a little less than a month ago and it has changed my life. I am extremely happy with my purchase and the service I received from you.
Mark A. (NV)

There were no problems with the purchase and the product was at my door within two days, free shipping!
craigheadp, Reseller Ratings

Yes!!!!!!!!, I received my Volcano Digit Vaporizer the NEXT DAY, it all worked out wonderfully. YOU ALL are Wonderful. Thanks again. I was working it, shortly after it arrived. Great easy to follow instructions. Exceptional quality. I'm just so extremely HAPPY!!!!!.
Phillip (DE)

VapeWorld fulfilled my order quickly and I really enjoy my Magic-Flight Launch Box! I would definitely suggest VapeWorld to anyone who wants a unique experience! Thanks VapeWorld for offering the coolest products!
chadward74c, Reseller Ratings

Your customer service is outstanding. Bought an Extreme Q vaporizer, had a problem with the power adapter. I am a tech and know it was not the cord but the adapter itself and wondered if it was going to be a hassle getting another, but it was not. I will ALWAYS come to your site FIRST and have passed it on to friends. Looking now to see what else I can use :)
Diane (TN)

They make sure that you’re educated enough that you can make an informed decision should you want to… as someone new to the products it really helped.
phresnipuf, Reseller Ratings

I asked what was included in the vaporizer bonus package and by the time he was done listing everything I forgot what he mentioned first! Long story short I ended up choosing the Classic Volcano Vaporizer and it was worth every penny.
Dave (FL)

My favorite company! They’ve got the best products and customer service ever. More companies should be like them. We bought out product over 3 years ago and it has well lived up to its promise and our expectations. Never had a problem! Customer service is there to help. Very friendly and accommodating and knowledgeable.
Charadeau, Reseller Ratings

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